Garcelle Beauvais Isn’t Speaking To Dorit Kemsley; Says “I’ll See Her At The Reunion”

The drama surrounding Erika Jayne has reached a boiling point on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I’m not sure why Erika decided to film this season of RHOBH with all of the legal issues that she is facing. Her husband, Tom Girardi, is accused of not paying out $26 million dollars in funds to his clients. Tom also allegedly transferred $20 million dollars in loans from his law firm to Erika’s company, EJ Global.

In contrast, Dorit Kemsley’s contribution to the season was denying that she had a nose job and prancing around in her fashionable outfits. Dorit even had a plastic surgeon verify that her nose is natural. Yawn.

Dorit and her husband, PK Kemsley, reportedly owe the IRS a whopping $1.3 million combined in unpaid taxes. The taxes go all the way back to 2015. So, viewers will never hear a peep about this on RHOBH.

When Garcelle Beauvais called her co-stars “great actors,” Dorit took offense. She countered by coming at Garcelle. “Who is acting a bit too much? Who deserves an Academy Award [and is] not being too authentic?” Dorit commented. “Garcelle, for me.” When Garcelle posted a photo to Instagram of herself and her two sons, Dorit commented, “So lovely.” Fans slammed Dorit for cozying up to Garcelle after questioning her authenticity.

During an interview on E! News’ Daily Pop, Garcelle opened up about her relationships with her co-stars. One cast member that Garcelle seems over is Dorit. She clearly didn’t appreciate Dorit’s comments about her acting and her inauthenticity.

“I am an actress. I could do it but I’m not doing it,” Garcelle commented. “I haven’t spoken to her. I’ll see her at the reunion,” she added. And I can’t wait!

During a recent episode of RHOBH, the ladies were at Kyle Richards’ house in Palm Springs. Garcelle, Erika, and Crystal Kung Minkoff went for a hike. Erika told her co-stars that her husband actually calls her every day, but she doesn’t speak to him.

Garcelle later told the group that Tom calls Erika, which caused Erika to explode. She told Garcelle that she felt betrayed and snarled at Garcelle to “have her fucking moment.” Wow. That was some real emotion from the ice queen.

Crystal told her co-stars that Garcelle didn’t hear Erika say not to discuss Tom’s phone calls. It appears that Crystal and Erika’s conversation was caught on a hot mic. Garcelle apologized profusely, and Erika tearfully accepted her apology. Lisa Rinna tried to force Garcelle to “own it,” but Garcelle did nothing wrong.

“I was stunned that that was the question that broke the camel’s back,” Garcelle told Daily Pop. “So, when I said, ‘Oh, Tom calls her’–which she was mic’ed when she said it, so it’s not like I said something out of turn–and they all went nuts,” the actress said.

“Everybody lost their mind, especially Erika.” Each of the co-stars had their own car because of Covid concerns. Garcelle added, “So I got into my car, and I did not hear them have that conversation with one of the producers.”

So, how is Garcelle’s relationship with Lisa now? “You know, we’re trying to figure it out,” Garcelle shared. “We’re in a better place than we were before, but the season’s not over,” the host of The Real remarked.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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