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This is an era of online life. From booking a hotel to millions of money transactions, there is barely anything left that has not been made possible online. Standing at this time, even the universities have been turning their education system more online so that they can provide quality education to students for cent percent of the time. To accomplish this purpose, there is a fair number of student login portal on the internet. Among them, we will discuss the Grand Canyon University student login portal in this article. 

What is Grand Canyon University Student login portal

GCU or Grand Canyon University is a non-profit university offering quality education to the students with its nine universities offering courses like doctoral studies, nursing, social sciences, fine arts, humanities, etc. The university is located in Phoenix, Arizona. And GCU arranges the student login portal to help a student get quality education 24×7 for all the time. 

Steps to follow to log in to GCU student portal

There are just some simple steps that will lead you to the best education available 24×7 to you. You need to follow the following step to reach for quality education. 

  • Open the login page in your phone browser. 
  • Click on this link  and visit the official website
  •  it will redirect you to the page you will need to enter your account details to access your account
  • In the first box, enter the username of your GCU Account. 
  • The second box requires entering the password. 
  • Lastly, click to the login button to enter your GCU account. 
  • Now the page redirects to your GCU student portal account. 

How to register in GCU login portal?

The student portal enables the students’ cent percent access to the opportunities they offer with just a single click. So if you are still not a member, do not delay and only register yourself and get your account. Follow the following steps to get the hold of free education.

  • First, enter the link https://explore.gcu.edu/ in your browser to get to the register page.
  • The page will open where you will need to fill up the different requirements.
  • In the first option, decide your schooling option. E.g. the timing and type of schooling. 
  • In the next box, click on your area of interest. 
  • The next two boxes select the level of degree you want and the course you want to join.
  • Now click on the Next button and note your account detail. You will need it later. 

Requirements to login to GCU student login portal

There are simple things that you will need are as follows

  • A computer or smartphone where you can open the page. 
  • A good internet connection to access the online database. 
  • Your GCU account username
  • The password to your account 

Contact information for GCU student portal

You can try clicking on this https://explore.gcu.edu/ to get the needful information for an online account. 

Also, the postal address is 3300 W Camelback Road, Building 5, Phoenix, Arizona 85017


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