‘Ghost’s penis’ caught on camera by stunned paranormal fans inside ‘haunted’ bar

A ghost-hunting duo were shocked when they captured what they thought was a spirit’s penis while on a bachelorette trip to New Orleans.

The discovery was made in John Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar, an iconic ghost-hunting venue, in what is believed by many to be the US’ most haunted city.

The bar – without electricity and eerily candle-lit – is named after John Laffite, a local famous for acts of piracy in the early 1700s.

However, when the ghost-hunting duo glimpsed into the bar’s fireplace for signs of treasure or a ghost, they were shocked at what they discovered.

Speaking on their podcast Two Girls One Ghost, Corinne said: “We did not catch a photo of anyone’s face, but we did capture a penis.

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The ghost-hunting duo were shocked when they checked their photos after the trip

“It looks like – you know Ghostbusters when they’re bright green? This is seriously blue.

“It’s like a straight up uncircumcised penis… It’s the least scary ghost photo you could ever catch.”

The pair shared a photo of the so-called ghost genitalia to their Instagram, which sparked a wave of discussion.

In the image, a faint white shape is seen poking out behind Sabrina’s head in a vaguely phallic shape.

A phallic-shaped blue image behind ghost-hunter Sabrina's head
A vaguely-phallic shape can be seen behind Sabrina’s head

Fans of the show were quick to offer their thoughts on what it could be.

“Apparently unwanted noods carry into the afterlife too,” one joked.

Another laughed: “Omg hahaha right out of her nose!”

Although the sighting of a ghost penis is an unlikely event, the duo explained that sightings of John Lafitte are more frequent.

Host Corinne said: “People see him all the time. If this is your regular drinking spot, chances are you are going to see John Lafitte.”

A picture of two ghost hunters sitting by the fire in a supposedly haunted bar
The sighting took place in John Lafitte’s bar in New Orleans, supposedly America’s most haunted city

In fact, it appears the ghost might be a bit of a ladies’ man. Corinne added: “Online reports do say that some women feel a flirty pinch while in the restaurant; Presumably John.

Catching up on their podcast after their trip, Corinne and Sabrina also went over the history of John Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar.

“The records of John Lafitte’s life aren’t overly prevalent,” they said. “We don’t know a ton of what happened.”

However, they explained that Lafitte was a pirate, with a history of fighting against – and then later on with – the US Navy.

After retiring from fighting on the seas, the ghost-hunting experts suggested that Lafitte and his brother operated out of the building that is now the bar named after him.

Corinne suggested that Lafitte “must have died back in the 1720s some time because he kind of dropped off the map after that”.

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