Good Samaritan Drives a Drunk Man Home

On a Saturday night at a roadside bar, a bartender sees a drunk man falling from his stool over and over again while trying to sip his drink. After realizing that the man cannot stand on his legs, the bartender confirms that he has drunk too much.

Worried that the drunk man might pass out, The bartender decides to do something about it. He approaches a jolly young man who is having his drink to ask for a huge favor. The bartender asks the young man to drop off the drunk man at his home kindly.

The young man agreed to do so. Both the bartender and the young man approached the drunk who has fallen on the floor. They picked him up, put his hands around their shoulders, and took him to the parking lot.

Even on the way to the parking lot, the drunk man was falling to the ground. He collapsed at least ten times on their way. Finally, they concluded that the man is so drunk, he can’t even stand on his feet. So the young man has lifted him on his back, bearing his entire weight, and placed him in his car.

The young man started driving, and the drunk man gave directions to his home. After a few minutes, they reached the drunk man’s home. The young man again carried him on his back and climbed the ramp leading to the door.

They knocked at the door, and after a few seconds, the drunk man’s wife opened the door. Looking at the scene, she was shocked. She retrieved her husband from the young man and said:

“Oh My God! Thank you for bringing him home. But, where is his wheelchair?”

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