Gordon Ramsay’s roast of TikTok’s chicken nugget Parmesan backfires – as people actually love it

Gordon Ramsay’s TikTok roasts are back, and while there are countless times people take sides with the multi-Michelin star chef – this one, not so much.

Ramsay took to his 25.9 million TikTok followers with a clip that duetted a New Jersey home cook, Tara Ippolito (@aldentediva). In the recipe video, she showed viewers how to master her quick and inexpensive dish of chicken nugget Parmesan.

In Tara’s original clip titled, ‘With the speed at which kids gobble down nuggets it’s nice to have something different to make at least’, she begins by spreading tomato sauce onto bread rolls before topping them with chicken nuggets and two types of cheese.

While followers were pleasantly surprised by the creative dinner inspiration, Ramsay sure was not.

In his follow-up roast, which has since racked up a whopping 12.7 million views, he captioned: “This is definitely a Sunday Supper I’d like to avoid.”

“Oh, stop. Oh no”, the international chef is heard saying in disgust. “No, no. You’re going to get whacked for this.”

Tara moves on to the final step as she explains, “The hardest part of this recipe is –” before Ramsay interrupts, “The hardest part of this recipe? Love, let me tell you a secret – it’s swallowing it!”

“I’m starting to question your opinions now, Mr Ramsay. This looks pretty damn good”, one TikTok user commented


Ramsay’s roast received over 15K outraged comments from fellow TikTok users. “Ok, Mr Ramsay, she may be on to something here”, one pointed out, while another told the chef he was “wrong for this one.”

The creative recipe went down a treat with TikTokers, with thousands of comments saying how delicious it looked. “It looks good as hell though”, one commented.

“I’m starting to question your opinions now, Mr Ramsay. This looks pretty damn good ha”, another TikToker added.

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