Griffin Johnson blasts Noah Beck for claiming Dixie D’Amelio relationship wasn’t “real”

TikTok star Griffin Johnson swiped back at Noah Beck after he claimed that Johnson’s relationship with Dixie D’Amelio never seemed “real” and that the two boys never had a “good relationship” themselves.

As TikTok has continued to grow and grow, it has created a handful of new social media stars who are making the crossover to the mainstream. As a result, fans are eager to get the inside scoop on their everyday lives.

At the top are the D’Amelio’s – Charli and Dixie – and the pair are not shy about sharing what they’re doing or who they’re dating.

During their rise to the top, Dixie had been dating fellow TikToker Griffin Johnson, but the pair split and had a slightly messy falling out with Dixie labeling Griffin as “immature” and claiming she had nearly 50 screenshots that proved he cheated on her.

Instagram: Griffin Johnson

Griffin previously dated Dixie D’Amelio, but they broke up in August of 2020.

Shortly after the pair broke up, Dixie started dating Noah Beck, and the pair haven’t been afraid of highlighting just how enamored with each other they are, linking up for TikToks and Instagram posts on a regular basis.

The fallout with Griffin has, almost always, hung over the pair and Noah told GQ that he didn’t believe Dixie and her ex had a “real” relationship, while he and Griffin were never really on the same page.

“But I would see the way that they were together, and I was like, this doesn’t seem like they want to be around each other, and it doesn’t seem real, to be honest,” he said about his girlfriend and her ex, noting that he and Griffin “never had a good relationship.”

Dixie D'Amelio and Noah Beck look into each others eyes at a table
Instagram: dixiedamelio

Noah and Dixie confirmed they were dating in October, shortly after her breakup.

It didn’t take long for Beck’s comments to garner a response from Johnson who quickly fired back with some slightly vague tweets.

“LA is full of fake people with fake personalities that will do anything to climb to the top.. idk why y’all still act surprised,” he said. “That’s why I moved outta that shit hole.”

The messy drama between the three will likely never end, given how often they poke at each other with their songs, posts, and beyond.

Though, maybe we’ll see a more pointed response from Griffin in the future

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