Gross video shows exactly how much gunk is in your kids’ bath toys

CAN you remember back to your childhood when you used to drink the water out of your bath toys?

Don’t worry, we all did it, as disgusting as it is.


Meg Ward encourages us to clean out kids’ bath toysCredit: TikTok/@megward3

But now prepare to be horrified.

TikTok user ‘megward3’ has encouraged us to remember to routinely clean out your kids’ bath toys and it’s safe to say we will be taking her advice.

Meg Ward shared the video to her TikTok, showing Meg’s sons’ favourite bath toy being squeezed in water, showing gunk and mould oozing out.

Yes, you read that correctly, MOULD.

The video has racked up a whopping 2.2m views, leaving many shocked that they used to happily squeeze water from these toys into their mouths.

Clearly many have been left disgusted by this video as it now has 64k likes and 808 comments.

Meg said: “Omg I felt so bad for not knowing this.

“Before I get mom shamed I’ll be honest about not knowing to do this.

“I’m not perfect BUT he hadn’t used this in a long time just been sitting in his bucket

Being a parent doesn’t come with a manual so don’t feel bad for not knowing it all!

“That was my son’s favourite, luckily he moved on to colouring.


“My point was really to let parents know this is a thing.”

Meg urges parents to throw away bath toys if they get this bad.

She said: “Update: throw them away when this bad unless you have the time and need to save the toy.

Then just remember the next ones you buy to clean often or hot glue the opening!”

One person commented: “huh…so that’s why the water was so flavoured when I drank out of them.”

Another added: “I remember this coming out of my rubber duck and I never squeezed it again.”

A third said: “I need to go check mine!”

The video is seriously disturbing - it shows gross mould and gunk oozing out of the bath toy


The video is seriously disturbing – it shows gross mould and gunk oozing out of the bath toyCredit: TikTok/@megward3

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