Guitar Hero streamer finally gets 100% on the hardest song ever created

Frif, a Guitar Hero streamer on Twitch with over 16k followers on the platform has finally done it. After months of grinding, he has finally 100% completed a song thought to be impossible by the community. 

Guitar Hero streamers on Twitch have the choice of hooking up a Playstation 2 to a capture card or going the route of Clone Hero, a fan-made PC version of the game with custom-created songs.

Among those songs are custom-created “tests” which are a mash-up of notes created to test a player’s ability to master the game.

There are plenty of other creators that focus on the Guitar Hero clone, including one that participated in ‘Awesome Games Done Quick.’

Guitar Hero’s latest entry is from 2015.

Frif does the impossible

Apart from the list of songs created to test a user’s ability is one called ‘Megalodon’, created in 2018 by a user named Jarvis9999. ‘Megalodon’ is a 19-minute gauntlet of some of the most challenging guitar content the community has ever seen.

For a significant amount of time after its release, the song was mainly used for high scores and grabbing individual ‘fc,’ also known as a full combo.

Frif once considered this song completely impossible, however after months of practice, the Guitar Hero pro finally managed to full combo the song from start to finish.

Frif’s achievement will likely stand as one of the best accomplishments within the entire Clone Hero community for a long while. Maybe in the future, we’ll see someone attempt to challenge him.

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