Gun group NRA mocked on Twitter after canceling annual meeting over ‘safety issues’

The US gun-rights lobbying organization, National Rifle Association (NRA) took to Twitter to announce the cancellation of its annual meeting in Houston, Texas.

And many people couldn’t contain their happiness.

The NRA, which has fought for increased gun rights despite seemingly endless gun massacres in the US, said the September gathering was canceled “due to concern for the safety of our NRA family and community” as the coronavirus spreads across the country, particularly in Texas, which was hosting the event.

“Due to concern over the safety of our NRA family and Community, we regret to inform you that we have decided to cancel the 2021 annual meeting and Exhibits,” the tweet began.

The NRA also noted that it was a “difficult decision,” but after consulting with “medical professionals, local officials, major sponsors, and exhibitors” as well as members of the organisation, the top priority is the health and wellbeing” of everyone involved.

People that were pleasantly surprised by the announcement didn’t shy away from mentioning that the group has finally realised that Covid-19 isn’t a “hoax” by the Democratic party.

“Breaking: NRA decides Covid isn’t a Dem hoax,” wrote Game Theory Today Podcast, Eric Garland.

“I thought money and a good guy with a gun solved everything??!!” someone else joked.

A third called out Texas Governor Greg Abbott who discouraged masks and vaccines despite testing positive for the virus last week. Now, Abbott said that he tested negative for Covid-19, four days after the positive result, according to AP.

“If only @GovAbbott had mandated masks and encouraged vaccines, maybe they wouldn’t have had to cancel the gun nut convention in Houston,” they said.

Abbott posted a video on his Twitter about vaccinations and said: “So I encourage others who have not yet received the vaccination to consider getting one.”

Check out some other responses to the canceled meeting.

Despite the NRA deciding to cancel the event,  the decision to pull out goes deeper than keeping everyone safe.

In a report from the  Daily Beast, the NRA allegedly decided to cancel after gun manufacturers backed out of the event. They also discreetly asked the NRA to cancel the festivities.

The gun positive group is also facing legal, financial and leadership problems.

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