Guy went to Boss, welcomed with a truckload of negative reports.

After an exhausting day at work, Michael went to bed looking forward to the eventful day that would unfold as a fruit to his long-standing hardship in the company. Michael was working tirelessly for months in hopes of moving up the corporate ladder in no time.

The next morning, Michael reached his office only to find his personal assistant waiting for him in a very shifty posture. Seating down, Michael grabbed the Starbucks his secretary gets for him to start the day with a buzz. Soon he finds out that not only was his name spelled wrong, but the whole order was messed up.

Looking forward to good news to change his day around, Michael fakes a smile at his secretary, asking for a status report. But what came after was something Michael wasn’t prepared for.

First, the lady explained how the company had underperformed in the recent quarter and were down in profits by 5 percent.

Next, she revealed how they had lost a contract from one of their biggest clients due to negligence from the service department. As a result, the company might be facing an additional 5 percent loss by the end of the next quarter. Unhinged like a statue, Michael wasn’t ready for what was to come next.

The PA then hands out a resignation letter stating how a series of events had led her to make this drastic decision. Knowing how devastating Michael would be, the secretary stood in silence for an awkward 5 minutes until she found the courage to spill the next few words.

Telling Michael that he has a voice message, the secretary hits the play button on his caller only to hear a woman’s voice. Unfortunately, the woman was none other than Michael’s wife, letting him know she is leaving him and taking their children with her.

As if the damage was done wasn’t enough, the secretary told Michael that the boss would like to see him personally in his office, alone.

Distraught, Michael looks up at the secretary with thick lines all over his face and droopy eyes, asking her, ‘Is there not a shred of positive news that you can give me today?’.

In a sudden motion, the secretary looked at her boss, revealing one piece of positive information that she has for him. Handing Michael a piece of paper, she says, ‘Fortunately for you, there is something. This came early in the morning that the Covid Test you took earlier came back POSITIVE’.

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