Hallmark Christmas Includes Ashley Williams, Kimberly Williams-Paisley

Hallmark’s Countdown To Christmas will be here in less than two months. Moreover, sisters Kimberly Williams-Paisley (A Nashville Christmas Carol,) and Ashley Williams (How I Met Your Mother, Never Kiss A Man In A Christmas Sweater) have two highly anticipated movies included in the 2021 collection.

What do we know about the first-ever Hallmark sister-connected movies, Sister Swap: a Hometown Holiday, and Sister Swap: Christmas In The City?

Hallmark’s Sister Swap Movies Star Ashley Williams, Kimberly-Williams Paisley

Hallmark’s Christmas 2021 includes two Sister Swap movies starring real-life sisters, Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Ashley Williams. The two movies are called Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday and Sister Swap: Christmas in the City. Originally, the movies were called Christmas At The Madison, Parts 1 & 2.

The two movies tell the story of two sisters, Jennifer and Meg Swift. They may be related, but they are very different people. Jennifer runs a successful restaurant in Salt Lake City. She had opened it up with her late husband. She is a single mom to a teenage boy and life has been a challenge.

Meanwhile, Meg stayed in their hometown of Hazelwood. She is working for the family’s bakery, alongside their parents.

Speaking to People, Kimberly Williams-Paisley shared a bit about the two movies. “We built two interconnected movies and shot them simultaneously in Utah. Our writers and our director, Sean McNamara, and our Hallmark team knew it was a puzzle and challenge, but everyone rose to the occasion.”

Do You Need To Watch Both Hallmark Christmas Movies?

Now the big question is, will Hallmark fans need to watch both of the Sister Swap movies? Besides the fact that you will want to see both of them, they can be seen separately. Kimberly explained, “So, the two movies take place in the exact same time frame, and the movies cross over and even share some scenes, but from each sister’s different perspective.”

Kimberly Williams-Paisley Is Excited!

The According To Jim star went to Instagram to share her enthusiasm. “So excited to announce our pair of #sistersmovies!! My sis @ashleywilliamsandcompany and I had such a good time producing and starring in these movies, working with dear friends, and shooting in #saltlakecity You can watch them this #Christmas on @hallmarkchannel! (Also produced by my brother-in-law @nealdodson17!) #comingsoon#sisterswap #sisterhood.”

Movies Are Family Affair

We cannot forget sister Ashley and her enthusiasm for this Hallmark Christmas movie. She felt that doing a story about two sisters was “bold.” However, doing two adjoining stories about sisters was “ambitious.” But, this seems to have felt natural. Moreover, there is a little bit of themselves in the fictional story too. “One of my favorite things about being Kim’s sister, other than the amazing advice and constant support she is to me, is getting to raid her closet,” she says. “The all-too-consistent, ‘Is that my sweater?’ was just too funny and real not to incorporate in these movies!”

There is more family interaction here. In addition to Kimberly and Ashley, Ashley’s husband, Neal Dodson, are executive producers of the two movies. So, this is appropriately a family affair. On Instagram, she wrote, “SHE SAID YES!! @kimberlywilliamspaisleyand I are so excited to announce these movies! Get ready for #Christmas2021 on @hallmarkchannel, cuz #sisterswap is gonna BLOW YOUR MINDS. I have never seen a concept like this on this channel. Huge thanks to @poperandyand @heatherjnyc for seeing our vision and fighting alongside us to get these movies done right. Go #sisterhood! #sister #sisters #christmas#christmasmovies @nealdodson17 #slc#saltlakecity @boylesfarms #sitefidelity.”

Hallmark’s Countdown To Christmas starts on October 22. The schedule is forthcoming.

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