Hallmark Fans Wait On ‘Christmas Waltz 2’ News From ‘YR’ Alum Director

As Fall Harvest begins, the pumpkin spiced everything will soon be replaced by hot chocolate and sugar cookies. Yes, it is about five weeks until Hallmark’2 2021 Countdown To Christmas movies commences.

Currently, there are dozens of movies just beginning production. Could one of them be a Christmas Waltz sequel?

Y&R Alum Michael Damian Hints At Christmas Waltz 2

As Hallmark gets ready to announce their Countdown to Christmas movies, Christmas Waltz fans are awaiting news on a sequel. Back in July, former Young and the Restless star, and Christmas Waltz director, Michael Damian, hinted there could soon be news.

He wrote on Twitter, “Hello fabulous Christmas Waltz TV Fans and Friends!! Stand by for some Waltz #2 news coming soon! @MPCA_BKTV @bradkrevoy.”

However, there has not been any news on a sequel. Moreover, any sort of sequel needs some time. Although Will Kemp is a former ballet and modern dance star, this sort of dancing is very different. In 2020, Lacey Chabert dedicated herself to learning how to dance. She will require a certain amount of time for any new choreography.

This beautiful movie  is the story of Avery (Chabert) whose Christmas wedding dreams are canceled, but she still takes her wedding dance lessons. Her Russian-born dance instructor, Roman (Kemp), guides her through the dance steps. As she learns to trust him, she begins to learn to follow her own heart.

Besides doing the waltz, Chabert and Kemp dance down the street in a breathtaking Singing In The Rain-inspired sequence. At the end of the movie, the couple kiss, after performing the Christmas Waltz dance, and then, the movie ends. What is next? Fans want to know.

Will Kemp Reminds Fans Of First Day Filming Hallmark’s Christmas Waltz 2020

While most of the world would rather forget 2020, there is something that Hallmark fans love to remember. On Wednesday, Will Kemp went to Twitter to remind fans that one year ago, on September 8, 2020, he began filming Christmas Waltz with Lacey Chabert.

Will wrote on Twitter, “On this day last year! #ChristmasWaltz@IamLaceyChabert @jt_church @michaeldamian1 @hallmarkchannel First filming day! #whatayear (!)”

Michael Damian also tweeted. However, it did not exactly sound like a Christmas Waltz movie was happening anytime soon. “We had such a wonderful time working with you Will! You are an amazing talent and fabulous person! Hope to make something with you very soon.” 

Christmas Waltz Fans Waiting For Hallmark To Announce Sequel

Christmas Fans are waiting for Hallmark to announce a sequel. However, it is close to being impossible for that to happen. However, Will, Lacey, and Michael are all involved in Christmas movies in 2021.

Will Kemp will be starring along with Vanessa Hudgens in The Princess Switch 3. Lacey Chabert is currently filming Christmas at Castle Hart with Stuart Townsend, in Ireland.

Lastly, Michael Damian is very busy directing. He just filmed Much Ado About Christmas, with Susie Abromeit and Torrance Coombs. This movie will be on GAC, former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott’s new network. His wife Janeen Damian will soon be filming the new Lindsay Lohan Netflix Christmas movie. It doesn’t sound like there is time enough for another Christmas Waltz. At least in 2021.

Hopefully, Hallmark will make it happen in 2022. Meanwhile, fans can buy order the DVD now.


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