Happily Ever After pregnant again?

YARA Zaya from 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After is under fire after confusing fans about her pregnancy status.

Fans first met Yara and her husband Jovi back in season 8 and has since become a fan favorite along with her daughter Mylah Angelina.


Yara and her husband Jovi are stars of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever AfterCredit: Yara/Instagram

Is Yara from 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After pregnant again?

During the most recent Tell-All episode, Yara hinted that her and Jovi might be expecting a second child together.

In a preview for part 2 of the Tell-All, Yara was seen confessing to Gwen that she has missed her period for a long time.

After that, the reality TV star was then seen sharing a link on Instagram to her newest YouTube video titled “Gender reveal/who will we have a boy or a girl????”

It was later revealed in the video that the gender reveal is for Jovi’s cousin and the couple are not actually expecting another child.

Who is Yara’s daughter Mylah Angelina?

Mylah is Jovi and Yara’s first child.

Born in September 2020, baby Mylah is about to celebrity her first birthday.

“She’s definitely got her mom’s personality 100 percent,”  Jovi told Us Weekly. “She’s cranky. When she doesn’t like something, she’s going to let you know about it.”

Yara’s daughter Mylah is also quite the little celebrity herself.

According to her Instagram page, Mylah is a “Spoiled princess,” and has a large following of almost 24,000 on the app.

The parents revealed to Us Weekly that at first they were just as confused as all new parents are when it came to taking care of a newborn.

“I was so oblivious. I had no idea a baby ate every two hours,” Jovi said.

“I was thinking a baby eats three meals a day, just like we do. I had no clue. So we took classes before the pregnancy or during the pregnancy, and just tried to learn the best we could over Zoom. Because that all happened with COVID, we couldn’t take the classes in person.”

Fans thought Yara and Jovi might be pregnant with their second child


Fans thought Yara and Jovi might be pregnant with their second childCredit: Yara/Instagram

What did fans say about the rumors?

Following the misleading video, many fans voiced their opinions about Yara’s actions.

One angry fan said: “Click Bait! I thought Zara was having another baby!”

Another added in: “So I guess the 3rd tell all yara isn’t going to say she’s pregnant. Lol.”

While many fans were angry about the news, some made it clear that the rumors were just that as she was not showing a baby bump in her latest Instagram posts.

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