Haylie Duff Reprises Role in Upcoming Sequel for ‘The Wedding Pact’ (Exclusive)

Haylie Duff is stepping back into the shoes of Elizabeth Becker in The Baby Pact, following the romantic comedy, The Wedding Pact. The Wedding Pact premiered in 2014 and told the story of Becker and Mitch Becker (Chris Soldevilla), who started off as friends and made a pact that if they weren’t married by a certain age, they would marry each other. Following through on that promise, almost nine years later, Duff stepped back into Becker’s shoes for the first time, making this her first sequel.

During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Duff described what it was like taking on the role again almost a decade later and touched on whether she and her fiancé Matt Rosenburg plan on walking down the aisle anytime soon. “You know, crazy, actually. It was very surreal,” the actress gushed over, stepping back into the role. “I’ve never been part of a sequel. And so we filmed the movie, The Wedding Pact, I want to say almost nine years ago.”

“What was wild is the movie picks up that much further in the storyline as well,” she revealed. “So with the characters being older and things like that, it was just kind of very surreal to have all the same things happening nine years later. But I wear a big giant pregnant outfit.” In fact, when Duff was seen wearing the fake baby bump for the film, fans thought she was pregnant with a third child. When she revealed that there was not a bun in the oven, fans shared their disappointment. “People were very upset with me about that post, obviously, as you can see from some of those comments.”

Duff is the mom to Lulu Rosenburg, 3, and Ryan Rosenburg, 6, who she shares with her longtime fiancé. She admitted during her conversation with PopCulture that they have considered trying for another kid but are okay with where they’re at having two right now. “Which, we thought about another kid,” she confessed. “And I think we’re chilling at two in real life.” Duff, then said she would probably have “five kids if I could, but I’m like, how do we get to cheer and dance and gymnastics,” admitting that she simply wouldn’t know “how to juggle more activities,” which is a very relatable feeling for parents.

The 36-year-old has been engaged to Rosenburg for almost a decade now but says they’re still in no rush to walk down the aisle, not unless it becomes a serious concern among their daughters. The two have stayed quite busy over the years. Duff recently added one more passion project to her plate by teaming up with NUTRO ULTRA as they launch their ULTRA Barkuterie Boards — and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a charcuterie board for dogs in hopes of keeping our furry friends as healthy as can be, while also spoiling them a little more.

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