Hen do turns awkward as guest admits she slept with partygoer’s husband

Going out on a hen do usually involves a big night out with pink feather boas and questionably shaped straws.

However, one bachelorette party got off to quite the dramatic start for the wrong reasons.

Twitter user @eerrriiicaa took to the social media site to share an unfortunate exchange in the hen do group chat.

And it’s most definitely raised some tension amongst the bridal party.

Erica said: “In a group chat for an upcoming bachelorette and this girl I don’t know goes ‘Erica, you follow (insert name)? How do you know him?’.”

Not wanting to hold back in the girls’ chat, Erica made a confession about a former flame.

What a shocker!

Being honest to the nosy hen, Erica continued: “I was like omg I slept with him years ago lol.”

The innocent conversation quickly turned very awkward, as the man Erica slept with turned out to be the woman’s HUSBAND.

To make things even more mortifying, Erica added that the husband told his wife he’s “only ever slept with her.”

She finished the post and added that it is “About to be a longgg weekend.”

The viral tweet has now racked up 40,000 likes since it was posted yesterday.

People quickly rushed to the Twitter comments to pile in on the cringe worthy situation.

One person commented: “Oh well she asked, it’s not your fault he lied to her…

“Why is she going through whatever she went through to see who follows who, sounds like trust issues on her part.”

Another tweeter added: “I’m sorry but that’s on him for lying to her? I wouldn’t feel bad at all for saying that.”

The original poster explained in the comments: “He’s from the city I grew up in and I haven’t spoken to him since college.

“She and the bride went to college together. I have literally no crossover otherwise. Terrible twist of fate.”

Looking on the bright side, at least the bride-to-be didn’t ask!

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