Here’s the list of people that are banned from Met Gala

After being postponed due to the pandemic, Anna Wintour’s famous Met Gala is almost here.

The prestigious fashion event is taking place on Monday, September 13th at its usual New York venue, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

As always, a selection of the world’s most famous celebrities are due to attend, invited by designers from across the globe.

This year’s guest list hasn’t been announced yet, but the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Addison Rae are rumoured to be attending.

But did you know there are some celebrities who have been banned from the Met Gala?

Well, there’s no official list. But there are some people who used to go to the gala and now never attend, for some very interesting reasons.


One person who has been banned from the Met Gala is Project Runway presenter Tim Gunn who has reportedly been banned from the event since 2006 after he made a comment about Anna Wintour.

In an interview with The Post, he said that he saw Anna Wintour being “carried down five flights of stairs by two bodyguards from a fashion show”.

Vogue asked him to retract his statement but he refused, leading him shunned from the Met Gala.


Another person who will never be able to attend the gala is former president Donald Trump.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Anna Wintour herself said that she would never invite him back to the event.

Trump always used to attend the event, and he even proposed to his wife Melania at the Met Gala in 2004.


Canadian fashion model Coco Rocha, who used to attend the Met Gala every year, has also been banned.

She refused to attend the event in 2013 when singer Katie Perry was asked to chair the gala.

In 2013, Coco accused Katy of copying her when she wore the same leopard print dress to the VMA’s that Coco wore to the Met Gala, and since then, they always feuded.


Now, this is an unexpected one, but Kim Kardashian actually failed to make the cut for a really long time.

Kim was specifically excluded in 2012, and in insider reportedly said: “Anna hates Kim. Why would she be invited to the event? It is all the biggest stars in the world and Kim doesn’t fit that bill at all.”

Anna’s opinion has obviously changed now though as she has had a spot on the guestlist ever since and is one of the most-loved attendees.


Another celebrity banned from the gala is actor Josh Hartnett who also used to attend regularly.

In the 2016 documentary The First Monday in May, in which filmmaker Andrew Rossie examines an exhibit at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Anna claimed Josh was no longer relevant.

During the film, Calvin Klein called Vogue and asked them dress Josh Hartnett to which they replied: “What has he done lately? Nothing. You guys are all set.”


Fashion designer Rachel Zoe hasn’t been invited to the Met Gala since she said she was more influential than Anna Wintour. Yes, she really did that.

During an interview with the New York Times, she said: “Anna Wintour is one of my heroes, but they say I’m more influential.”

Whilst it was a bit of a compliment to Anna, the Vogue Editor obviously didn’t like it, and Rachel hasn’t been on the guest list since.


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