Here’s Why People Strangely Love Wearing Jeans To Sleep

Woman sleeping in jeans.

There are unpopular opinions all over the internet. But one recently popped up on Reddit that’s so controversial, it makes me question everything I know to be true in the world. Apparently, there are people on this earth who love sleeping in jeans.

An Extremely Hot Take

The r/unpopularopinion subReddit was set on fire recently when user u/gay_potato_man had the audacity to share this hot take:

“Sleeping in jeans is comfortable. I’ve seen people say that wearing jeans to sleep is weird and uncomfortable, but I like it. I honestly think it’s better than wearing actual pajamas to bed. I wear jeans to sleep almost every night and it’s great.”

The Argument For Denim Between The Sheets

This post got a lot of attention, but many who responded made it clear they gave it an up vote because they vehemently disagreed. There was a chorus of users in the comments, though, who agreed that jeans were a comfortable choice for nighttime attire.

“Mm yes, the compression feels nice. Much cheaper than a weighted blanket,” one fellow jean-sleeper wrote. A second wrote, “Yes I love sleeping in jeans. I like the tight squish that jeans give you. Skinny jeans are the best to sleep in, and I do it all the time.”

Another added, “I never expected this to be such an unpopular opinion. I have worn jeans to sleep many times. I don’t think I would call it a preference but I have been tired enough many times to just sleep in my clothes on the couch. But maybe that’s wrong and I’ve normalized it…”

Others pointed out that they often sleep in jeans when they are too lazy to put PJs on before bed. Some noted that the jeans must be soft and “unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped.”

According To Science, It’s Not The Best Idea

Just like 40% of Americans, I’m not a fan of wearing a lot of clothing to sleep. The biggest reason is because I get too hot at night. But according to science, wearing pants when you sleep could have a lot more consequences than rising temperatures.

One expert warns of “severe chafing” when sleeping in pants. Dr. Brian Steixner—Director of the Institute for Men’s Health at Jersey Urology Group—also says that men should be extra-careful about wearing hot and heavy pants to bed because “your nether regions need to be just the right temperature in order to optimize sperm production.”

For women, OB/GYN Dr. Alyssa Dweck says she often advises sleeping without pants or underwear. However, if you don’t want to go commando, she says, “If there’s ever a time to break out the granny panties, this would be it.”

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