Hilarious TikTok showing dad in ‘airport mode’ goes viral

Airports can be stressful environments, so sometimes it’s comforting to travel with someone who’s organised. However, some take this to the next level and execute their travel itineraries with military-style precision.

In a TikTok uploaded by Abbey Strong, she documented her dad’s skilful navigation of Dublin airport.

Abbey chronicled each phase of the trip, from his need to be first onto the escalator to establish “dominance”, to how he gave her sister Emily the silent treatment for not packing her liquids “a week in advance”.

He was also the guardian of everyone’s passports and wouldn’t let them out of his sight.

The video also shows her airport mode dad ushering them along the gate 420 “in record time” for their 6:40am flight to Amsterdam (Gate 420? We see you Dublin airport).

In the comments, his wife, Abbey’s mum, commented: “This is me (the mam) husband does the driving, everything else is up to me.” [sic]

Another user commented: “And probably first to baggage reclaim when he lands.”

Others joked about the Amsterdam flight leaving from Gate 420. April 20 is associated with being a day for celebrating cannabis — which can be sold legally in Dutch coffee shops.

Speaking to LadBible, Abbey said they were on their way to a family member’s funeral, but people’s reaction to the video has cheered them up.

“Of course it was sad and undoubtedly a tough few days, but constantly seeing the views rising on the video and news sites sharing it, gave the whole family something to laugh about and kept our spirits lifted,” she said.

The #airportdad hashtag on TikTok has 41.5 million views and the ‘Home Depot Beat’ sound has become synonymous with the behaviour of dads on holiday.

The #airportdad trend was started by TikTok user p.jonesy in July, when she made a video documenting her dad Dave’s thorough airport routine, which included gathering everyone at 1am to discuss the itinerary despite the flight not being until 6am.

It seems that regardless of where you’re from, a parent automatically going into airport mode when travelling is universal.

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