Hilarious TikTok shows man continue his work call – after falling into the pool

Working from home has its benefits, but repetitive Zooming and work calls can easily become monotonous. One man, however, unintentionally shook up his day by accidentally falling in the pool mid-conference.

Naturally, the hilarious footage was a viral hit on TikTok after it was shared on the platform by @fjerry.

Captioned “He was way too smooth with that one,” the clip shows the man on a phone call – with one hand holding the phone to his ear and the other in his pocket.

He is shown pondering around the edge of the pool, but in an unfortunate turn of events, he slips and tumbles into the pool.

The dad’s dedication to continue working was certainly admirable, as his cartwheel-esque manuveur saved him from face-planting the water.

“He said I don’t care if I’m hurt; I’m getting the bag first,” one user joked as he continued the phone call at the side of the pool.

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The man continued the call as though nothing had happened


The footage instantly went viral on TikTok with a jaw-dropping 11.9 million views. A further 22.4K users flocked to the clip’s comments. “Wonder what it sounded like on the other side of the phone,” one curious viewer written, while another joked, “Tell me you are in a sales job, without telling me you are in a sales job.”

A third said the man deserved an Academy Award for the best stunt, “he even removes his socks like he planned it all out,” another added.

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