Hinge expert reveals how to get more matches – and says selfies should never be used

A dating expert has shared her tips for boosting the amount of likes you receive on your dating profile – and they include finding a less attractive friend for pictures.

Sharing her secrets on the Kinda Sorting Dating podcast, Logan Ury – who works as a Director of Relationship Science at Hinge – explained that picking the correct photos are crucial to dating app success.

Perhaps surprisingly, Logan suggested ditching the selfie, saying: “Selfies don’t perform that well, especially not gym selfies, people don’t like the gym selfie”.

Furthermore, Logan said that posing with a less attractive friend might even boost your chances of someone swiping right.

A dating expert has suggested ditching selfies might increase your chances of success on a dating app

She revealed: “There is a piece of research from a different field of psychology called behavioural science which shows that a good way to look really attractive is to pose with somebody who looks like you but is slightly less attractive.

“The brain kind of compares the two and is like ‘oh you’re the better looking one’. So you should also beware if you have a friend who keeps saying ‘hey you should come over so we can take some photos’.”

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Dating expert Logan Ury also claimed that posing next to a slightly less attractive friend will make you look more appealing to potential matches

And if you struggle with being confident about your looks, you shouldn’t be tempted to hide behind sunglasses or a filter.

Logan explained: “We really want to see what you look like and those things make it harder for us to see your face.”

She went on to suggest that the rest of your pictures should add variety and tell your story.

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Logan was also keen to stress that photos should show variety and spark conversation in order to have the best chance of receiving ‘likes’ on apps like Tinder, Hinge and Bumble

The dating expert continued: “The other photos should include; one that shows your full body, one that shows you doing an activity that you love, one that shows you with friends and family to show us that you have an active social life, and a few more that add variety to our impression of you and help tell the story.”

It is crucial, Logan stressed, to use photos and prompts to “spark conversation” with potential matches.

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