Hitman 3’s Free Sapienza Map Is A Great Intro To The Series

Players interested in Hitman 3 can play the Sapienza map for free, and it’s a perfect introduction for beginners to get a sense of the stealth game.

The final installment in the World of Assassination trilogy, Hitman 3, continues to deliver post-launch content and is now offering players a chance to get a taste of the gun-for-hire playstyle. Until July 4, 2021, Hitman 3‘s Sapienza map is available for free through the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack. Although it’s only a single map, Sapienza is the perfect mission for IO Interactive to use as a sample, since it serves as a great introduction to the series’ core elements.

For starters, Sapienza was originally created for the first modern Hitman, the beginning of the aforementioned World of Assassination trilogy. Since the entire Hitman trilogy was packed into one game, however, it’s playable in Hitman 3, provided the player pays for all three at some point. Sapienza being a Hitman 1 map means it won’t spoil any of Hitman 3‘s story, but it will still provide an interesting little narrative.

Additionally, the Hitman 3 version of Sapienza has the more recent game’s updated graphics. The changes aren’t astronomical, and Hitman 1 still looks good, but the version of Sapienza in Hitman 3 is still the definitive version. Aside from narrative and modernization reasons, though, Sapienza is also a great introductory map because it’s one of the best missions in the trilogy.

Why Sapienza Is A Good Hitman Mission To Play First

Sapienza puts on display the versatility of the Hitman games. Completing a mission in any of the three titles is like completing a puzzle with multiple solutions. The World of Tomorrow mission that takes place in Sapienza has two assassination targets and a third objective. Assassination opportunities include rigging a golf ball to explode, posing as a newly hired chef to poison a dish, dropping propane down a chimney, firing an antique canon, and many more. Getting to the third objective inside a scientific lab is a rewarding showcase of how Hitman‘s gadgets and costumes work, forcing players to figure out how to access increasingly restricted areas.

The lab is also just one of many locales that make Sapienza an interesting map simply based on design. It takes place on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and the scenery is all around very pleasant. A multi-story mansion, seaside church, public swimming beach, and quaint shops make for a lovely little town for the barcode-tattooed Agent 47 to do his dirty business. Most other Hitman levels are similarly complex and well-designed, but Sapienza happens to be one of the best, making it a great taste test for anyone interested in jumping into Hitman 3.

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