Hitman Disguised As Hasidic Jew Shoots Ex-Convict in Head

  • NYPD surveillance footage shows a man, dressed as a Hasidic Jew, shooting Jermain Dixon.
  • Dixon was a “reformed gangster” who had recently been released after serving 19 years in jail.
  • Detectives are investigating the possibility that he was targeted because he was a suspected informant against co-defendants.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is looking for a suspect who shot an ex-convict in the head multiple times while wearing a “disguise,” according to NBC New York.

The fatal shooting took place on Monday in Queens, New York, and chilling footage, shared by the NYPD, shows the unidentified perpetrator, dressed as an ultra-orthodox Jew, shooting his victim point-blank in broad daylight.

Wearing a rekel, the frock coat worn by Hasidic Jewish men, and appearing to have the side locks (payot) that are grown by some men in the orthodox Jewish community, the shooter can be seen pretending to fix his car with the hood up before running up to his victim, shooting him in the head, and escaping in his white Nissan.

The victim has been identified as Jermain Dixon, a former gang member who was released from prison less than a year ago after serving 19 years for murder and drug charges, MailOnline reported.

A former member of Brooklyn’s “Patio Crew” drug gang, the New York Daily News reported that Dixon was a “reformed gangster” who pursued a bachelor’s degree in business while in jail and filed for compassionate release.

Police officers found Dixon at around 8 a.m on Monday, around 7 minutes after the murder, and pronounced him dead at the scene.

According to NBC New York, detectives are investigating the possibility that the shooter targeted Dixon because he believed he was cooperating with the government as an informant against his co-defendants.

MailOnline reported that in the lead-up to his death, Dixon appeared paranoid and would look around him whenever he left his home as if he “knew someone was after him.”

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing, NYPD told MailOnline.

The NYPD described the shooter as a “dark-skinned man” last seen wearing all-black and a mask.

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