How Many Baby Mamas Does London on da Track Have? Get the Tea

Hell hath no fury like a baby mama scorned! For some odd reason, celebs and their baby mamas often make it a point to have it out on social media. While some verbal spats can be entertaining, as tea is always spilled, it’s not really a good look for your personal business to be on front street.

Now, it appears that Eboni Ivorii, one of London on da Track’s (real name: London Tyler Holmes) baby mamas, has no problem reading him for filth.

After the Aug. 2021 blow-up with Summer Walker (one of London’s other baby mamas) and Ebonii took over social media, fans were convinced that Eboni was #TeamLondon. However, things have quickly changed, and social media is wondering if any other baby mamas will come out of the woodwork.

So, how many baby mamas does London on da Track have? Read on to get the 4-1-1.

Eboni has called out London on social media for allegedly reneging on his agreement to pay her for defending him against Summer Walker.

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“London calling and DMing everyone around me because he’s blocked talking about, ‘If you care about Summer get that [n-word] away from her,'” she wrote, per screenshots obtained by The Shade Room. “So if anything happens to me, it was him.”

As London and Summer traded insults online, Eboni took it upon herself to jump in and defend London. Eboni said that Summer is mad that her “mentality is stuck on stupid” and that she’s “ungrateful.”

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However, Eboni is now changing her tune toward Summer after London allegedly failed to pay her for defending him on social media.

In a slew of Instagram stories (via Hollywood Unlocked), Eboni explained that everything she said about London was “cap” — meaning a lie.

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“All that s–t I said about London the other day was cap,” Eboni wrote. “He promised he was going to pay me to make him look good and now he’s acting broke.”

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Eboni went on to say that she’s “dead wrong for disagreeing with Summer over a little money she never got.” She also went on to call London a manipulator and gave kudos to Summer for getting a good man that will do right by her and her baby girl.

Of course, London quickly responded to Eboni’s claims and shared that he would “never pay somebody to defend him” and that everyone should move on.

Naturally, social media had a lot to say about the entire ordeal. Many are even more convinced that London is shady. Lots of people believe that Summer’s claims are the truth, and some even apologized for doubting her.

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It would be great for all parties involved to simply move on and keep their business off of social media. However, since the idea of embarrassing someone online appeals to all parties, it’s safe to say the baby mama, baby daddy drama will continue.

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