How many children does Ed Asner have?

Legendary actor Ed Asner has passed away at the age of 91.

The Up voice star, who was best known for starring as Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, led quite the life – marrying twice and fathering a number of children. Here’s everything you need to know.


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How many children does Ed Asner have?

Between two different women, Ed Asner had four children.

Matthew Asner

Coming first, as one of two twins, was Ed’s edlest so Matthew Asner.

Born on September 9, 1963, Matt is a prominent film producer noted for movies like ‘Femme Fatale’, ‘100 Voices: A Journey Home’ and ‘Saidoweizu’.

He is also the CEO and President of The Ed Asner Family Center, according to posts on social media.

Although he didn’t enter Hollywood as an actor, he has made a few appearances in front of the screen.

Most recently, Matthew was in a 2009 film titled Sideways.

In his personal life Matthew is married to Navah Paskowitz – daughter of American surf legend Dorian Paskowitz – whom he married in 2014.

They couple reportedly share children together.

Liza Asner

Matt’s twin sister Liza previously worked as a booking agent and producer for the TV show ‘God Help Us’.

Seen many times by her father’s side on the red carpet, Liza had also worked as an associate producer at Quince Productions.

Kate Asner

Born on September 17, 1966, Ed’s daughter Kate followed in her father’s footsteps to becime actress.

During her career, she has featured in films such as Open Season and What Women Want, as well as making guest appearances in TV shows like Judging Amy, Ally McBeal, Malcolm in the Middle and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Ed with his two daughters Kate (L) and Liza Asner (R)


Ed with his two daughters Kate (L) and Liza Asner (R)Credit: Getty

Charles Edward Vogelman

In 1987, Ed fathered his youngest son Charles with lover Carol Jean Vogelman.

According to reports, he was raised soley by his mother and has autysim.  

However, after connecting with his father in later life, Charles became the inspiration for the creation of the Ed Asner Family Center.

Writing previously on the organisations website, Ed said: “This dream is to establish an oasis of creativity in every neurodivergent community.

“A place where our most beautiful dreamers of all can have their place to thrive and in doing so learn valuable lessons about themselves and the world.”

Who were Ed Asner’s ex-wives?

Nancy Sykes

Ed was married to Nancy from 1959 to 1988 – sharing Matt, Liza and Kate.

Their marriage ended after Ed fathered son Charles with lover Carol, which he was later forced to admit in court.

Cindy Gilmore

After his divorce from Sykes, Asner got engaged to producer Cindy Gilmore in 1991- for whom he married seven years later.

Cindy is best known for producing films such as Sister Act and Gypsy.

Following nine years of marriage she filed for a legal separation in 2007 but the pair were not officially divorced until Asner filed the paperwork in 2015.

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