‘How to Be a Cowboy’ Star Dale Brisby Is Bound to Become Your New Crush

A Texas-based cowboy is on the mission to bring traditions back into the mainstream.

Dale Brisby launched his YouTube channel in July 2013 to bring attention to his work on the Radiator Ranch Cattle Company, an expansive farm located in the sun-drenched state of Texas. Thanks to a carefully curated roster of videos exploring topics like rodeos, bullfights, and rope tricks, Dale gained 304,000 subscribers. Commercial success, including a Netflix deal for How to Be a Cowboy, soon followed.

Dale Brisby is the breakout star of Netflix’s ‘How to Be a Cowboy.’

Already hailed as 2021’s answer to Joe Exotic by TMZ, Dale is a ranch manager, social media influencer, and the owner of Rodeo Time. Founded in 2013, Rodeo Time sells collectible items like stickers, expertly designed t-shirts, and hats. As the star of Netflix’s How to Be a Cowboy, Dale is bound to enamor viewers with his charming personality and enthusiasm for all things cattle ranching-related.

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Despite the hours and hours of content capturing the challenges Dale and his team at Radiator Ranch have to face day in, day out, vital details about Dale and the company are shrouded in secrecy.

Dale’s place of birth and date of birth are unknown. What’s more, the location of Radiator Ranch isn’t clear either. On LinkedIn, Dale put down Winnebago as the location of his business. On the same page, he also claims he has been a “legendary bull rider” at the PRCA since 1967 though.

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Does Dale Brisby ever make public appearances without his trusty pair of sunglasses?

A keen sunglass lover, Dale hardly ever agrees to do a shoot without his trusty black shades. The same rule applies to photographs and interviews with brands like Total Feeds, Inc.

“I get asked a lot of different questions. ‘Dale, how are you so good-looking?’ ‘Dale, what do you do for your ab workout that makes them so chiseled? ‘Dale, why are you wearing sunglasses all the time?'” Dale explained. “Maybe, it’s just so bright. Why not wear sunglasses and a hat to help?”

“I don’t have straight answers. I’m a man of mystery,” he added. “That’s a complex question.”

(He wasn’t answering a specific question.)

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Dale seems to thrive on causing confusion. His personal brand could be described as an eclectic blend of Andy Kaufman’s mannerisms and Richard Ayoade’s voice inflections.

“Well, look here. I’m the original old son, riding bulls and punching fools. Mark it down, [because] that’s me. And guess what? I’ve already ridden a bull today,” Dale said in a YouTube video titled “Who is Dale Brisby!?” “So, in this line of questioning, be careful.”

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As Dale explained in the same video, he started riding bulls when he turned 9. He went on to claim that he invented riding with one hand and chunking the deuce. “When life hands you lemons, put a bull rope on ’em. Pow Pow,” is how Dale summed up his motto on his website.

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An international man of mystery, a breakout star, or an elaborate prank dreamed up by a group of TV executives? Whoever Dale Brisby might be, some things are certain. He has a sweet sense of style and a larger-than-life personality.

How to Be a Cowboy is available on Netflix now.

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