HSC 2021: Year 12 maths question stumps Australians in ATAR quiz

A tough maths question on a mock HSC test has left parents “struggling” with many unable to answer it. Can you solve it?

It may have been years since you’ve stepped inside a classroom – but have you still got what it takes to get into university?

As year 12 students prepare to take their HSC exams, Clue Learning have devised a maths quiz for parents, to help them put their own skills to the test.

The questions are based on curriculum topics kids preparing to take their final exams have studied at school, including problem solving and calculus equations.

According to Cluey Learning, parents are breezing through the worded questions but are “struggling” to solve formulas, stating it’s “tough to remember anything like this from school”.

So do you think could pass? Take the quiz to find out.

How did you go? Let us know in the comments below.

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