Hugh Jackman’s ‘Reminiscence’ to release on Aug 27 in select cities in India

Talking about the film, Jackman said: “The film explores the idea of memory and nostalgia as something that is potentially addictive, or just enticing to go back and live in the good old days, remember that time. And with this technology, you can relive it and just stay in the past. But what is the cost of that?”


“And what does it mean for the future of these characters or even the present when you can so easily escape in the past? I think we live in this changing world.”

The 52-year-old star added: “We’re in this post-pandemic world right now and we’re now coming out into…is it a new world? Are we going to try and re-create what we had before? And I think it’s a really interesting time and a very uncertain time.”

Jackman hopes the movie “resonates in that way, where it is wonderful to have memories, but as humans, we have to be constantly creating new ones. I hope in a way that this film opens that sort of discussion.”

From filmmaker Lisa Joy comes Warner Bros Pictures’ action thriller ‘Reminiscence’ which also stars Rebecca Ferguson and Thandiwe Newton.

Source: IANS

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