Hungry bear caught on camera opening car doors and stealing packed lunch

Michael Turpin and his girlfriend Kaitlin Blackburn were holidaying in Tennessee, USA when they heard a nosy black bear had been peering into vehicles looking for food.

A bear has been caught on camera cheekily opening a number of car doors before finally stealing someone’s lunch box.

People were left ‘blown away’ after seeing the animal acting like a human and causing chaos.

Michael Turpin, 49, and his girlfriend Kaitlin Blackburn, 48, were holidaying in Tennessee, USA when they heard a nosy black bear had been peering into vehicles.

The couple were able to capture hilarious video footage of the 14 stone animal getting out of the driver’s side of a black Chevrolet just after 10am on August 7.

The bear then continued its scavenge for food by heading to a white pickup truck and cleverly opening the nearest door before getting in the vehicle and climbing over the seats.




The bear climbs into the car and sits on the seat








The bear expertly opens the car door like a human






Unable to find any lunch, he then clambered out and continued his search for snacks.

Michael’s footage shows the bear attempting to open a few more doors with its paws and teeth, but to no success.

Mr Turpin said: “The bear had been in the SUV sometime around 5am and left. It then came back around 10am and took the lunch box from the truck and took it over the mountain.





The bear pinched someone’s lunch box and headed to the mountains





“After it had finished the food in the lunch box, it came back into the car park and I started recording.

“It was messing around with the cars for around 30 minutes in total. I’m just glad that none of those were my vehicle.

“I do know the guy in the truck had a couple punctures in his seat and the Chevrolet was covered in drool and had food scattered in it.

“I had been told about bears getting into vehicles when we first got there but didn’t really believe it.

“The funny part was, only five minutes before the bear broke into the cars, the owner of the white truck told us to lock our doors. Then the bear came and took his lunch.

“We were really shocked to watch all this happen. It just shows how smart these animals really are.”

Michael’s video has attracted a huge 862,000 views online, with people saying they were ‘blown away’ with how the bear instinctively knew how to open the car doors and hop in.














The bear even stood on his back two legs when opening the car doors – making him even more human-like.

He seemed to be completely unbothered by the people who were watching and tried to shoo him away.

“As if I wasn’t blown away enough to see them opening doors but to see them know different doors open different ways! Holy bananas!” one commenter wrote.

Someone else said: “If he can figure out how to open the doors he could at least figure out how to close them.”

One person wrote: “Omg, now that’s hilarious! Smart animals.”

Another said: “He just wanted a sandwich. Him needs a sandwich and some water.”

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