Hungry monkeys raid homes for food

Residents of Sangeh, Bali Island were shocked to find monkeys raiding their homes in search of food.


Villagers in Sangeh have said that some monkeys have escaped their sanctuary and have been hanging out on the roofs of their homes and swooping down to swipe a snack.

But there is a growing concern in the village that the hungry animals could turn nasty.

One villager said: “We are afraid that the hungry monkeys will turn wild and vicious.”

The grey long-tailed macaques of Sangeh Monkey Forest in Indonesia usually rely on tourists to provide them with tasty treats but COVID has since put a stop to that, with monthly visitors dwindling from 6,000 to 500.

As a result, the sanctuary has lost a lot of money and is now running low on funds, which makes feeding the monkeys even more difficult.

Operations manager Made Mohon said: “This prolonged pandemic is beyond our expectations. Food for monkeys has become a problem.”

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