I had a c-section with NO pain relief

A MUM has claimed she had a cesarean without any pain-relief – and how it’s put her off ever having kids again.

Fi Oates, 22, who lives in Wales, shared her horrifying story with her TikTok followers, telling them how she had “felt every last thing.”


Fi Oates claims she had a C-section without any pain reliefCredit: TikTok/Fi Oates
The mum said it has put her off having any more children


The mum said it has put her off having any more childrenCredit: TikTok/Fi Oates

A cesarean birth, also known as a c-section, is an operation that allows babies to be delivered through a cut made in the belly and womb.

The procedure is often carried out if a vaginal birth is deemed too risky.

Normally an epidural anaesthetic is given to pregnant patients to help numb the pain, however, for Fi this wasn’t an option.

In the comments of her TikTok video, which has since received almost 140,000 views, Fi claims that her epidural failed and her high risk birth meant doctors with left with little choice.

She said: “Nothing worked on me and there was no time because both me and my baby had sepsis so they had to get her out as quick as possible.

“I begged to be put to sleep but they couldn’t risk it because I had sepsis and I was at risk of going into a coma.”

What normally happens during a C-section?

An epidural anaesthetic is given to pregnant patients to help numb the pain, although they may be able to feel some tugging during the procedure.

Although the women are awake, a screen is placed across their body so they don’t have to watch the surgery.

Doctors cut around 10-20cm along the lower belly and womb, allowing an opening for the baby to be delivered.

Following the 40-50 minute operation, parents are able to hold their baby as soon as they’re delivered.

Mums are often required to remain at the hospital for three to four days to help them recover from the surgery.

A line-shaped scar will be left behind after the procedure and patients are advised to avoid strenuous activity for six weeks or so.

Contrary to popular belief, if you have a Caesarean, it doesn’t mean that babies you have in the future will have to be delivered in the same way.

Fi explained that while she was given gas and air, it did nothing to relieve the pain, adding, “I was awake and felt every last thing.”

And the experience has left Fi reluctant to ever become a mum again.

She said it was, “Traumatising to say the least.. no more kids for me thanks.”

Her story has gone viral on TikTok


Her story has gone viral on TikTokCredit: TikTok/Fi Oates
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