‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Fans DRAG ‘Demon Lady’ Laila

None of the I Love A Mama’s Boy mamas are fan favorites. Yet, Laila takes the cake as being one of the most disliked of the series. Along with her son, Shekeb, viewers have to wonder why Emily is subjecting herself to round two of trying to make this relationship work. After the Season 2 premiere, Laila became even more despised for her treatment of Emily. Can she turn it around?

I Love A Mama’s Boy– But Why This One With This Mama?

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Laila treated Emily so poorly in Season 1. She was so verbally abusive towards her and ended the season by calling her a pig. The whole feud blew up because Shekeb and Emily were talking about moving in together. This did not sit well with Laila so she lashed out in the best way she knew how. Ultimately, she got her wish as Emily broke up with Shekeb.

This season, Laila is led to believe Shekeb is just going out with friends whenever he leaves the house. Little does she know that he is back with Emily. He is hoping to reintroduce the two so he is giving Emily ideas on how to approach Laila. Sadly, Emily cannot forget the evil things his mother said to her and why should she? Shekeb tries to encourage Emily to buy her pet bird a gift. He believes this is the key to opening her heart. When Emily does finally meet with Laila, she gives her flowers and a gift for the bird.

Laila proceeded to be unkind to Emily. Mainly because Emily wanted an apology for all the unkind words Laila had said to her. Laila says she does not want to look back, throws a few jabs, and only wants to move forward. How can they proceed when so much is unresolved? It did not help that Shekeb really did not defend Emily and let her leave frustrated. Now, fans are lashing out at Laila, and with good reason.

Laila, The ‘Demon Lady’

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Viewers and fans did not take kindly to Laila’s treatment of Emily. It was especially hard for viewers to watch Emily ask for an apology for the pig comment and have Laila shut her down. Yet, she also said she did not want her to cry, so pick a lane. Thus the tweets started to pour in, aimed at Laila. Meaww tracked them and they were less than charitable.

One fan tweeted: “Did Miss Laila actually have the gall to say that Emily was whining and complaining?!! If this ain’t the pot calling the kettle black it amazes me how you can talk so much crap about somebody about the same thing you do.” Another followed it with this: “Wait, now Laila doesn’t want Emily to cry? You called her a pig Laila? You’re a demon lady!” It did not stop there.

Fans accused Shekeb of gaslighting but that is a whole other bag of worms. It continued with tweets about Laila being evil and how Emily never should have gone back.

What do you think of Laila? Should Emily just stay far away from this mama’s boy situation?

Let us know and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sunday nights on TLC.

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