‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Season 2 Preview: Meet Tia and Theous

I Love A Mama’s Boy returns Sunday, August 29th. Additionally, three couples from Season 1 are back for more. Joining them on the hit TLC reality series are two new couples with mama’s boy drama. In case you need a refresher, keep reading to see who will be on Season 2.

I Love A Mama’s Boy, Take Two

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The series is all about boys and their mama’s. This should be super sweet. Sadly, they cannot let go of their extremely close relationships with their mothers. Moreso, it is affecting their relationships with their partners. Matt and Kim are getting married. As they are planning their wedding, Mama Kelly is making this virtually impossible. As much as Kim adores her fiance, she is tired of watching him acquiesce to his mother.

Emily and Shekeb are trying to make it work but Emily does not realize she will never be number one. Stephanie is ready to follow her dreams but Mike’s mom won’t let that happen on her watch. She sees him settling down near her. Can he be a man and give Stephanie what she wants and needs or will he break her heart for his mama?

Newbies Tracy and Bryan are excited about a honeymoon. However, his mother is coming along to help with the kids- or have a fun vacation and abandon ship. No matter what Tracy says or tries to do, Bryan lets his mother walk all over them. Finally, Tia has decided she won’t marry Theous until he stops bending for his mom. Who will win this war?

Really Meet Tia and Theous

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Tia and Theous have been together for ten years now. As aforementioned, she won’t marry him until he cuts the cord with his mother. Now, one thing worth noting is Theous’ mom, Carolyn has a bad knee. So, she uses it to her advantage to get what she wants. Yet, she does not need him as much as she acts as she does. She just wants him around more.

In a preview for the upcoming season, Theous shares he and his mom travel, gamble, and party together. “She’s my best friend, my ride or dies, and my travel partner,” Theous tells the camera. His mama is even seen wiping his mouth. Tia is trying to get a hold of him when he is apparently with his mama. Unfortunately, the call goes straight to voicemail. Fans of the series had a lot to say based on the 30-second preview.

“I don’t understand the girlfriends at all. They are walking into a toxic relationship. Why wouldn’t they just walk away? Love surely is not that blind,” one follower said. Another followed it up with: “You two have been together for 10 years and not married. Well, he’s not going to bc he married to be a mommy baby boy.”

Will you be watching Tia and Theous on the season premiere of I Love A Mama’s Boy Sunday at 10 pm on TLC?

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