I thought the gross smell in our bedroom was my husband’s farts

RENOVATION projects can come with all sorts of surprises but this is the craziest yet.

TikTok user ‘candyrainsalon’ recently purchased a 500-year-old house for the ultimate 16th century property renovation project.

Candy and her family purchased this stunning 500-year-old houseCredit: @candyrainsalon/Tiktok

Candy and her family bought the huge home, to bring the “old back to life”.

Candy is documenting the renovation project on TikTok and has revealed a shocking discovery.

After thinking her husband’s farts were smelling out their bedroom, Candy then found something horrifying under the carpet.

Candy said: “The carpet is so tightly glued to the floor that your feet stick.

“What have we found under the carpet in the house we’re renovating?

“Uh oh! There’s something under the carpet.”

The video shows Candy’s partner lifting up the grey carpet, revealing what Candy describes as “a secret man hole”.

Candy asks: “What’s inside? Does it smell?”

She said: “That smells so damp.”

As they open the rusted drain, Candy starts heaving at the gross smell.

What’s revealed will shock you – it’s literally a drainage system.

Yep, you read that correctly. A drainage system under her bedroom carpet.

Covered in rust, cobwebs and filth, Candy was horrified at the discovery.

Candy said: “That’s a poo pipe in our bedroom.“To think we were going to leave the carpet in our bedroom until we could afford to change.”

“Who just covers this with carpet?!!”

“Oh my goodness, oh my goddess, we’d of had poos just floating beneath us.”

Candy told her followers that the house had not been used for 10 years and was converted to offices 30 years ago, with seven toilets in the next room over.

The family didn’t get the house surveyed so they were not aware of this drainage system before purchasing the house.

The horrifying video has racked up a whopping 1.3M views, 24.2k likes and 945 comments, with many disgusted by Candy’s under-floor find.

One user commented: “Call Thames Water quickly.”

Another added: “Wow! AS IF someone just covered it with carpet.”

A third said: “Very scary to think that’s been there 500 years and no one has ever noticed it when they’ve lived in there before”

However, Candy reassured people that “It’s all under control.”

They were shocked to find a secret man hole under the carpet


They were shocked to find a secret man hole under the carpetCredit: @candyrainsalon/Tiktok

The couple were horrified at what they found


The couple were horrified at what they foundCredit: @candyrainsalon/Tiktok

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