I was sitting an exam and a chunk of my ear came off, I thought it was a pen lid and kept it in my pocket all day

HAVE you ever heard of a chunk of ear randomly falling off?

Well that’s exactly what happened to one woman who has revealed how a chunk of her ear fell off whilst she was sitting an ICT exam in school.



She posted the story time of her ear falling off to her TikTok pageCredit: perfectsmurfet/TikTok

The 21-year-old revealed in a series of TikTok videos posted on her account perfectmurfet exactly what happened when the chunk of her ear fell off.

In the original video, she writes: “Knowing I’ll never relate to this because during my ICT exam a part of my ear fell off and I panicked and put it in my pocket for the rest of the day.”

She says this in reference to the lyrics of Oliver Rodrigo’s song Enough for you, “Maybe I’m just not as interesting as the girls you had before.”

Everyone in the comments couldn’t believe what happened and begged her to do a story time.

In another video she explains she got three triple helix piercings, which are pierced in the top cartilage of your ear.

She said: “They just so happened to all reject at the same time when I was in the exam.

“SO when it rejected, it took that part of my ear off.

“It was incredibly awkward because it was exam conditions, so it was proper dead silent.

“I just heard something fall on the floor and i thought it was my pen lid, so I went down to get it.

“Then I saw it was my ear and I was like “What the f*** is my ear doing on the floor.

“So I just picked it up, I had a blazer on with a pocket and stuck it in there.

“And it stayed there for the rest of the day.”

People couldn’t believe she kept it in her jacket all day long and she came back to answer those questioning her.

She said: “What was i suppose to do with it?

“What would you lot do in that situation?

“Did you expect me to glue it back on?

“Everyone judging me mate, stop it.”

Since uploading the videos, people have only one question for the TikTok user, show us your ear!?!

Fortunately, she updates everyone in the comments to say the part of her ear which fell off has grown back, and that she was warned not to get all three piercing done at once.

One user wrote: “How can you tell us this story but not show us your ear.”

Another responded: “I want to see your ear!”

Other users were shocked she didn’t use it as a way to get out of the exam.

One user wrote: “Are you telling me you didn’t use a very genuine excuse handed to you on a plate to get out of an ICT exam?!”

The three piercings which rejected and caused part of her ear to fall off


The three piercings which rejected and caused part of her ear to fall offCredit: perfectsmurfet/TikTok

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