I was told I couldn’t have kids but now I’m a mum-of-5, I am constantly broke & have 4 daughters but I love it

A WOMAN has revealed how she was told she couldn’t have kids – but is now a proud mum-of-five.

Posting on TikTok as @deangirlzmomoffive, Mrs Dean shows off her adorable brood.

A woman has revealed how she was told she may never have kidsCredit: Tik Tok

But is now a mum-of-five


But is now a mum-of-fiveCredit: Tik Tok

In one video, she reveals how a doctor told her “you may not be able to have children”.

But then she reveals her large family one by one, saying: “Me as a mom of 5”.

She has four girls – including eldest daughters Macy and Emmy – and just one lad, her youngest.

In another clip, the mum shares “what having five kids is like…”

Sipping a hot chocolate with marshmallows, she lip syncs to Alanis Morissette’s song Hands In My Pocket.

The lyrics explain: “I’m broke but I’m happy, I’m poor but I’m kind.”

She also admitted she's 'broke but happy'


She also admitted she’s ‘broke but happy’Credit: Tik Tok

She’s captioned the clip: “#4daughters #1son”.

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