I Went to a Flirting Class and Learned 4 Techniques to Attract Dates

  • I took a one-on-one flirting class with a dating expert who specializes in text-based flirting.
  • She said leading with curiosity is more important than finding a match who is similar to you.
  • We practiced flirting via text message, during a first date, and with a random stranger.
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On any given day, you can find Amy Nobile sitting in front of eight iPads, messaging singles through different dating profiles that belong to her clients.

As the founder of Love, Amy, Nobile works one-on-one with singles to teach them how to flirt on dating apps, secure quality matches, and find meaningful relationships.

Through the iPads, Nobile is able to log into her clients’ dating app profiles at the same time they do. It leads to a collaborative experience, where Nobile show clients how to flirt over text and then lets them take the wheel.

For $5,000, clients get three months of flirting coaching, in-person date coaching, and on-demand support from Nobile.

I met with Nobile in her West Village apartment in Manhattan, where she walked me through the lessons she teaches singles looking for love.

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