If You’re An Libra, Do This Self-Care Routine

You often put others’ feelings before your own, Libra, and so the idea of self care, something that is done by you just for you can feel like an alien concept; you may even feel guilty. But you shouldn’t! Pouring from an empty cup isn’t possible. You need to refill your own energy and wellness before you can help anyone else, and you deserve the love, understanding, and care you so readily give to others. It’s great to create harmony around you, but you need to prioritize harmony within you, too!

First, as a Libra, you are a natural communicator; people likely often spill their secrets to you and rely on you for sage advice. Give yourself some of that thoughtful attention by journaling (via Little Infinite). Just as you naturally have an objective view of others’ feelings and issues, reading your own unedited words and feelings back to yourself will help you to gather a clearer, more objective view of yourself and what you need in the moment.

Next, consider getting outside. Because you appreciate the beauty of nature, disconnecting from your smartphone and lying on a beach or walking in the woods or reading in the grass at a part can do a lot of good for your soul. Immerse yourself in the calming natural beauty around you, and breathe. 

Also, because your appreciation for aesthetics translates to your own person, getting a facial, a manicure, or a makeover can help you feel like your charming, effervescent self!  

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