I’m constantly trolled for my tattoos, they’re all over my body and I have 9 on my face – but there’s only one I regret

A self-confessed tattoo addict, Sarah-Jane Sinclair, has faced abuse for her heavily-inked face but says the only tattoo she regrets is getting her ex’s name on her BUM after just two weeks of dating.

Sarah-Jane, 25-years-old from Harlow, Essex has covered most of her body in tattoos after getting hooked on them at 18-years-old, she has nine on her face with phrases such as ‘stand out’ and ‘be original’.


Sarah-Jane before having all nine tattoos on her faceCredit: Kennedy News
Sarah-Jane now has nine tattoos, with quotes like 'stand out'


Sarah-Jane now has nine tattoos, with quotes like ‘stand out’Credit: Kennedy News

Sarah-Jane’s dramatic look often prompts lots of strangers to stare at her in public and has had online abuse thrown her way, saying she’s ‘ruined herself’.

But, she says she loves her unique look and only regrets her ‘impulsive’ decision to get her ex’s name tattooed on her rear end just TWO WEEKS into their relationship.

The bloke did try to persuade Sarah-Jane not to get the tattoo on her behind, which she later realised was because he was seeing someone else at the same time.

Sarah-Jane said: “As soon as I turned 18 I hit the tattoo shop and I couldn’t tell you how many tattoos I have now.

“It’s definitely an addiction, once you start you don’t want to stop.

“I’ve got nearly two arm sleeves, half a leg sleeve, a bit on my lower back and stomach, all my chest, neck and fingers, the back of my thighs and obviously my face.”

Sarah-Jane says she plans to be fully covered in tattoos.

She adds: “In public I mostly get stares and online about 75% of what I get is hate – they call me Post Malone, say I’ve ruined myself and ask ‘what are you going to look like when you’re old’.

“Someone even said ‘I’ve never seen anyone use a tattoo to get rid of a double chin’ – that got me that one, it’s really personal.

“But I love my tattoos. The only one I regret getting is my ex’s name on my bum earlier in the year – we’d only been together for two weeks but I just thought ‘this guy is amazing’ and I’m very impulsive with tattoos.

“Then two weeks later this girl messaged me on TikTok asking for my number after seeing my videos with the guy in. She phoned me and said he’s been seeing her for months as well.

“He told me not to get the tattoo at the time but I did it anyway – now I know it was obviously because he was with someone else as well. I’ve not got it covered yet but I’m going to.”

Among the self-professed tattoo addict’s facial tattoos are the word ‘peace’, a mandala design, a sad angel, a love heart, the word ‘vanity’ in Latin and the quote ‘love is pain.’

Two other quotes tattooed on her face are ‘stand out’ and ‘be original’, which she says signify the reason behind her tattoos in the first place.

Despite negative comments about her ‘job stopper’ face ink and the ‘horrible’ pain of getting them done, the mum of one vows not to stop getting them until she’s fully covered.

Sarah-Jane said: “People say it’s ruining your body but I believe your body is a temple and you should decorate it, so I’m decorating myself.

“I don’t like the pain. Some people enjoy it but I hate getting my tattoos done, it’s so painful but no pain no gain.

“I don’t fit into society but we shouldn’t all be the same – I just like being me and free.

“My lips before were like Rizla papers, just non-existent. I think I look better now – big lips are beautiful and I love being tanned.”

Sarah-Jane Sinclair

“I feel sorry for people who have to be negative about other people, it probably means they’re sad themselves and live a very boring life.

“Do they want everyone to look the same? Because it would be a boring world if they did.

“A friend said to me recently ‘everyone’s got the same look, the same haircut and the same style, but you’re you and you’d never get a replica of you’.”

The beauty fanatic has also faced criticism about her bold pout and tan after getting lip filler 15 times and using the sunbeds heavily over the last year to maintain her ‘stand out’ look.

she says even her loved ones are concerned about her daily use of sunbeds and controversial nasal tanning spray, but Sarah-Jane has no intention of quitting her beauty regime.

She has had 15 millilitres of filler injected into her face, spread over her lips, nose and chin, resulting in a massive change in appearance and a huge confidence boost for Sarah-Jane.

She has also used sunbeds for 15 minutes almost every day for the past year, using a controversial tanning nasal spray that contains the unlicensed compound Melanotan.

This stimulates melanin production in the skin and allows a darker tan to develop.

Sarah-Jane said: “I get comments all the time about my filler and tan as well.

“My lips before were like Rizla papers, just non-existent. I think I look better now – big lips are beautiful and I love being tanned.

“People say my lips look like a baboon’s arse or like I’ve been stung by a wasp and some friends have told me I need to stop.

“Even (a recent) boyfriend said my lips walk into the room five minutes before I do so when I go to get them topped up he says you don’t need it but I still do.

“He also said I need to stop going on the sunbeds every day, he’s concerned I’ll get skin cancer but I’m alright.”

Despite constant online abuse and concerns from her loved ones, Sarah-Jane remains committed to her extreme beauty regime of endless tattoos, filler and tanning, as well as PT sessions which help boost her confidence.

She refuses to let negative comments get to her and encourages others to be their true selves and ignore haters.

Sarah-Jane said: “I just see negative commenters as unhappy, negative people and I just live my best life. Some people take it to heart but you’ve just got to ignore it

“I believe in the law of attraction so if I ignore negativity and just think positive then positivity will come back to me.

“It’s only those people being negative that will have negativity coming to them.”

Sarah-Jane got the tattoo after just two weeks of dating the bloke


Sarah-Jane got the tattoo after just two weeks of dating the blokeCredit: Kennedy News
Sarah-Jane has received hate for the amount of tattoos she has and lip filler


Sarah-Jane has received hate for the amount of tattoos she has and lip fillerCredit: Kennedy News

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