I’m dating my son’s friend – he’s 17 years younger & the same age as my boy, people say it’s sick but we don’t care

A MOTHER tired of keeping her age gap relationship a secret has finally gone public and confessed that she’s dating her son’s friend.

Eyebrows were raised when 40-year-old Tanya revealed that not only was her love interest Josue more than 17 years younger, but that he was the same age as her SON.

Josue and Tanya have a 17-year age gapCredit: @josueandtanya/Tiktok

The pair give the middle finger to criticism of their age difference


The pair give the middle finger to criticism of their age differenceCredit: @josueandtanya/Tiktok

In fact, she was first introduced to him because the two boys are bosom buddies – and remarkably that hasn’t changed.

The youthful looking Tanya, who could pass as a similar age to her beau, has been dating him since he was 21 with the full support of her sons.

That didn’t stop Tiktokkers from sneering, “22 and 40? Sounds like he needs a place to stay.”

Another viewer gasped, “Outta all the kids out there, you choose your son’s friend? Classy!”

“But how do you look at your son’s friend and be attracted to him?” asked another, before deciding, “That don’t sit right with me.”

Others wondered if the son’s friendship would be destroyed if the lovers ever broke up.

Unrepentant Tanya has shaken off the stresses caused by trolls by posting Tiktok videos of them kissing and showing the middle finger to their critics.

One is captioned: “Us reading all the hateful comments… still unbothered.”

In another video, she posts shots of her lover bare-chested and showing off a muscular physique, commenting: “My biggest flex is that I get to wake up to this man every day.”

Indeed for Tanya, remaining happy in her relationship is the ultimate revenge!

Plus not everyone has been making misogynistic or judgmental comments about the pair – instead, some commented that it wasn’t their business to judge a happy couple over an age gap.

One Tiktokker joked, “Note to self – don’t let older sons around hot moms!”

Tanya shows off her boyfriend's muscular physique


Tanya shows off her boyfriend’s muscular physiqueCredit: @josueandtanya/Tiktok

Tanya and Josue are sleeping easy in spite of the trolls


Tanya and Josue are sleeping easy in spite of the trollsCredit: @josueandtanya/Tiktok

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