Influencer posts two identical snaps to show how unrealistic Instagram can be

An influencer has shared yet another important message to her legion of fans.

George Clarke is on the mission to prove that social media isn’t always what it seems.

The star has over 723,000 followers on Instagram where she’s known for her no-nonsense attitude.

Now in one of her latest uploads, Georgie shared a couple of snaps taken seconds apart with an important caption.

She said: “The photos you don’t see on here…

“For every photo you see posted on Instagram… there’s so many other snippets you didn’t get to see.

“So many things can change how we appear in front of a camera. The top 3 are lighting, angles and pose.”

Georgie Clarke shared the snap on Monday morning
(Image: georgie.clarke/Instagram)

She added: “Trust me when I tell you that as an influencer, you become a pro at nailing these three aspects when shooting content.”

Georgie went on to tell fans that it becomes easy to work out those elements.

The influencer also highlighted how important it is for fans to remember that people don’t always look like that.

She said: “Her body looks like the pictures on the right when she isn’t ‘ready for the camera’ she has all the things that you have too.

“The only difference is, she’s not showing them on here – she’s hiding them.”

Georgie added: “So please do not let that be a reflection of how you feel about yourself.”

She advised fans to not compare themselves to influencers as they’re “only posting the amazing 10/10 shots.”

“Your body is normal and beautiful and shouldn’t be compared,” Georgie explained.

“When that negative talk creeps in – remember this post. Your body is worthy of love and compassion.”

Since she shared the post on Monday morning, it racked up over 15,000 likes with hundreds of comments.

Georgie Clarke shared the snap on Monday morning
The influencer has thousands of followers on social media
(Image: georgie.clarke/Instagram)

One fan gushed: “You look amazing,” another added: “Ohhh angel.”

A third commented: “I love your new hair,” while a fourth praised: “You are gorgeous.”

She shared a similar message earlier this month to prove how “unrealistic” Instagram can be.

On another occasion, Georgie shared two snaps taken seconds apart to inspire Instagram followers.

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