Ingenious Reason Why Some People Attach Plastic Bottles to Their Trash

An Australian woman has discovered a cool home hack that could spare everyone the mess of having litter around their trash and the surrounding street corners.

The solution to the disaster created after birds, rodents, and wildlife ravage through the trash has been a handy trick all along. However, one Australian woman, Bianca Pirauo, was gracious enough to share the unbelievable hack on social media.

Taking to the Facebook group, Cleaning and Organizing Inspiration Australia, the woman revealed that by attaching plastic bottles to the handles of waste bins, one could prevent birds from scavenging through the trash.

Photo of a plastic bottle on the handle of a trash can | Photo:

The method involved filling up two empty plastic bottles with water and cable-tying them to each handle. The bottles would serve as a form of weight, making the trash can lids heavier for the birds and other animals to pull open with their beaks or claws.

Via her post, Pirauo described the hack as one of the smartest tricks she had ever seen. She also explained how she came by the knowledge by observing her neighbors’ waste bins while walking down the street. She shared:

“The reason for this is to keep birds out of your bin so they don’t create a mess. Thought it may be helpful to someone having this problem.”

Photo of a trash can by the road | Photo: Pexels

Photo of a trash can by the road | Photo: Pexels

The woman accompanied the post with a photo of a green bin, with two water bottles strapped to the handles of its red lid. The handy trick has received over 1600 reactions since it appeared on Facebook. Several netizens have commended the woman for sharing such a useful hack. A user wrote:

“This is genius; I’m sick of the birds getting in and rubbish flying everywhere. Thanks.”

Aside from keeping birds, especially cockatoos, away from the trash, Facebook users came up with a handful of ways the hack could be useful. One user pointed out that the trick could be useful in preventing the trash from being blown away on a windy day.

Another agreed, saying it could also help keep the lid down. Some comments focused on the activities of other major culprits that contribute to messy wheelie bins. One comment read:

“We have this problem too. Except we found out at night time it wasn’t birds.”

Rodents, stray pets like cats and dogs, and some wildlife are some of the major culprits implicated in creating a mess around trash cans. Some human activities could also contribute to this menace and may not be easily controlled with mere water bottles.

Photo of a dog biting a ball | Photo: Pexels

Photo of a dog biting a ball | Photo: Pexels

Luckily, there are hundreds of hacks out there yet uncovered that could put such activities in check. Generally, household tricks and hacks have proven to be lifesavers on various occasions, given their tendencies to make life easier.

These tips range from easier ways of taking out the trash to extending the shelf life of vegetables. These tricks are genius, inexpensive, and easy alternatives to getting the work done in due time.

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