Inside Piers Morgan & Carol McGiffin’s Continuous Public Feud

It’s now safe to say that Piers Morgan and “Loose Women” host, Carol McGiffin will never be besties.

The pair have continuously shaded each other on social media, and it’s almost becoming a trend, as fans are no longer picking sides, they’re now wondering who throws the hardest and deepest punches. Earlier today, the former “Good Morning America” host called out his non-BFF on social media.

This triggering statement came after McGiffin slammed the journalist in her latest column for Best Magazine, and if anyone knows Morgan, they know that he would never back down from a fight, especially if it’s one directly aimed at him.

Will there be a cease-fire after these latest backlashes or will the carriage continue to ride itself into town? The latter option seems likely at this point.

Keep reading below for more details on the online outburst.

Carol McGiffin Shades Piers Morgan Online

On August 4, 2021, McGiffin condemned the British broadcaster’s habit of shutting down people who do not agree with his opinions or dare to say anything that is in contrast to what he believes to be true.

“This hypocritical monster continues to preach, smear, defame, demonize, insult everyone who doesn’t agree with him or do as he says, while he continues to do as he pleases,” she said in her recent column of a magazine.

She went on to back her claim that Morgan thrives on hypocrisy because he preaches what he does not practice, making reference to the fact that he has a published book on ‘free speech.’ Over the years, Morgan has been guilty of criticizing people on social media for not agreeing with his conjectures or formulated opinions, whether they are right or wrong.

Twitter fans agreed with the television and radio presenter’s ideology that Morgan’s behavior when it comes to speaking to people with contrasting thoughts is uncalled for and childish. But as we all know, the broadcaster would never admit to this wrongdoing.

‘Irrelevant Has-Been’- Piers Morgan

On Twitter again, Morgan quoted a post by Mirror TV with; “I don’t have feuds with irrelevant has-beens.”

However, his comment immediately attracted his followers’ attention, as they called him out for failing to make corrections when he was supposed to. Other commenters also asked Morgan to check the irony of his words, and how his actions prove that he is indeed a hypocrite.

They jokingly mentioned that Morgan, who is not currently employed, referred to McGiffin as a has-been. However, some of his stans shut down these comments, stating that Morgan is not unemployed as he is still getting paid by GMB and a host of other jobs on the side.

One commenter wrote; “Last time I looked she’s still on daytime telly. You got fired. So who’s the has-been?”

Another user gave the broadcaster sound advice saying; “Popularity is vain and fleeting! What about quietly and anonymously help ease someone’s pain or discomfort in the world with a hands-on approach. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

Where It All Began

Late last year, McGiffin revealed that Morgan has blocked her on social media, and joked that it was evident she had hit the nail on the head too hard.

She backed up this claim with a photo on Twitter, to prove that the broadcaster indeed blocked her, captioning it; “Touched a nerve???” According to reports, Morgan decided to block the television host after she criticized him for his comment about the COVID-19 pandemic in August 2020.

“To everyone on here deluding themselves that Covid is over, take a look at Spain’s case & death rate in the past week. Then wake the f**k up. This pandemic has barely started,” he wrote on his Twitter page in August.

In a reply to this tweet, McGiffin called out the broadcaster for allegedly trying to instill fear in citizens with unrealistic death counts caused by the pandemic. Although this notion was widely criticized on social media, the “Loose Women” host maintained her stand against the compulsory use of face masks.

Pier Morgan Opens Up On COVID-19 Diagnosis

A few days ago, Morgan disclosed that he had been diagnosed with the virus two days after he visited Wembley Station for the Euros 2020 game. He noted that everyone in attendance were only allowed to go inside if they had taken the second dose of the vaccine.

Although the broadcaster came down with the virus only two days later, he credited the two doses of vaccine with saving his life. He called it the “double jab.”

While his fans were relieved that he had taken the vaccine, and was saved from a major experience with the virus, others highlighted that the broadcaster faked a COVID-19 diagnosis because he wanted people to take the vaccine.

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