Is Michael Allio Dating A Famous Tik-Toker?

TikTok thinks they know who Michael Allio is dating and why he may have, allegedly, turned down The Bachelor. They’ve based a lot of this assumption on the hands they saw in a video of the TikToker, but also Michael’s social media.

Michael was a favorite on Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette with fans and the lead herself. Some questioned if he could be ready so soon after his beloved wives’ death. When speaking to his son on Facetime, the little boy asked him why he didn’t want to see him. Being away from his son, who he told he was on a business trip, was too much for Michael and he left the show.

Morgan P Talks, TikTok

Why Do Fans Think Michael Allio Is Dating This Chick?

Michael Allio had been rumored to post on Kat Stickler’s TikTok posts with some flirty banter. Kat had been single since splitting with her ex-husband Mike. She has been posting some content lately showing that she may be in a relationship. Antoher TikToker, @morganptalks, posted about it  .

Morgan is a reality television account and often covers news from Bachelor nation. She said fans are really analyzing just the hands they see in Kat’s video. In the video someone’s hand reaches over and touches her hair, but you don’t see who it is.

Morgan pointed out Michael only follows three people on TikTok. One of them is Kat and as Morgan says, he’s also following her. She says he could be dating Kat or her. The comments lean towards Kat. One said, “I will literally die if they are dating. That would [sic] me the world good again.” Another said, “talk about a power couple.”

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Fans Think They Would Be A Good Match

Fans think Michael Allio and Kat would be a good match because they are both single parents. James, Michael’s son is five, and MK, Kat’s daughter is two. Another thing they have in common is they believe in not wasting time. Kat and her ex-husband Mike dated only a few months before getting married and having their baby. Michael, of course, went to find love with Katie Thurston.

Kat Stickler, Instagram

Fans will continue to research this relationship and the truth will come out. Another TikTok star hilariously said she’s seen those hands caressing a duck. That star is convinced it’s not Michael, but Two Turnt Tony, another TikToker. Eventually, the truth will be revealed, for now, Kat is enjoying teasing fans. Of course, it’s pure speculation. Some people in the comments started that they aren’t in the same state. Another said, when he went on Nick Viall’s podcast, he sounded very single.

What do you think about the rumors? It’s worth noting Kat has deleted the video and no one is sure why. Comment with your thoughts down below.

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