Is Pregnant Isabel Roloff Living With Mother-In-Law, Amy Roloff?!

Is pregnant Isabel Roloff living with Amy? Isabel has been living separately from her husband, Jacob. Keep reading to decide if the clues surrounding Isabel’s living situation point to her living with her mother-in-law.

Amy Roloff lives in 600k home in Oregon

Amy Roloff’s new home may not be as sprawling as the Roloff Farms where she used to live, but it’s pretty spacious. The home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. That’s ample space for her pregnant daughter-in-law to live in.

Rumors have been swirling for a while that Jacob and Isabel are living separately. The LPBW alum confirmed this on his Instagram, but it’s not for the reason you think.

Jacob Roloff drops hint about his wife’s living situation

Isabel and Jacob Roloff celebrated their second wedding anniversary earlier this month. The pair eloped in an intimate ceremony on the Oregon coast. They also had another ceremony and reception with family and friends.

In his sweet tribute to his wife, Jacob revealed that they aren’t currently living together. The LPBW alum wrote that he was “so grateful” for Isabel for taking care of their unborn son “through some uncertain times.” He further revealed that it was his job keeping them apart.

Jacob notes that he’s been working in Bend, Oregon, while Isabel “has been staying in Hillsboro.” Isabel took to her Instagram a few weeks ago to discuss leaving Bend behind her. One follower asked if she was moving. Isabel replied, “Yes,” but didn’t elaborate.

Fans speculated that Jacob and Isabel may be moving to the farm. But could Isabel be living with her mother-in-law?

Isabel Roloff shuts down family drama rumors

It’s possible that Isabel Roloff is staying at either Roloff Farms or with her mother-in-law, Amy. Isabel recently invited her followers to tell her their assumptions about her. One follower sent Isabel a DM asking about her relationship with other members of the Roloff family.

The fan asked if the rumors were true that Isabel and Jacob aren’t close to the rest of the family. Isabel shut the rumor down by sharing a photo with Jacob’s sister Molly and Molly’s husband, Joel Silvius.

Isabel also advised her followers not to believe everything they read. And yes, we see the irony.

Do you think it’s more likely that Isabel Roloff is living with Amy or staying at Roloff Farms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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