Is Siesta Key new tonight on MTV? Current season 5 hopes

Siesta KeyIs Siesta Key new tonight on MTV? If you’re interested in getting an answer to that question within, we’re delighted to help — and also set the stage somewhat for the future.

The first thing that we should do here is getting some of the bad news out of the way: There is no new episode of the series airing tonight. As for the reasoning behind that, it’s tied to last week being both the finale and the season 4 reunion! So there’s nothing left to bring you for now, though this hardly means that we’re at the end of the road for the show itself.

Is there going to be a Siesta Key season 5 coming to the network at some point in 2022? We’d certainly love it if there were, but for now, nothing is 100% confirmed. We hope that an announcement comes out later this year, and it almost needs to if the producers want to start filming leading up to a spring/summer premiere for next season. Nevertheless, there is still value in this series, as it generates viewership and has a large following all over the country.

At least from the outside looking in, the problem is that it’s rather hard to accurately determine just how popular a show like this truly is. Let’s frame it in the following way — Siesta Key is one of those shows that probably generate more viewership digitally than it does live on MTV. Unfortunately, the network doesn’t release these numbers, and it is impossible to gauge its true viewership. We hope that whenever we do see the final curtain drop on this show, it’s at a time when there can be a buildup to a proper finale. We’ve never liked it when a show is canceled out of nowhere, and it doesn’t give anyone a chance to prepare for it in advance.

What do you most want to see when it comes to Siesta Key season 5?

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