Is the Tranquillum House from ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Based on a Real Place?

The Tranquillum House featured in both the Nine Perfect Strangers book and on the show isn’t based on one place or in particular. However, many of the treatments Masha offers are trendy options that are available in real wellness resorts.

When the nine guests first arrive, they are stripped of all of their electronics so they can fully unplug and lean into the experience. This is a common practice in the wellness industry, because it allows people the ability to unwind, and to connect with themselves and with others. Like other popular retreats, Tranquillum offers luxury perks like yoga classes, healthy food, hot springs, spas, and sweat lodges.

As viewers have suspected, not everything is as it seems in Masha’s retreat. The third episode concludes with Heather Marconi (Asher Keddie) questioning whether the guests are being drugged without their consent. The implications of this horrifying accusation have yet to be explored on the show, but it is not based directly on a true event.


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