Isabel Roloff Talks About Her Weird Internet Creeper

Isabel Roloff is opening up about a strange encounter she had with a “creeper” from the internet. Many fans of TLC’s Little People, Big World follow the family on social media and would love the opportunity to meet them in person. Few fans have actually seen the Roloffs in public though.


Isabel Roloff Instagram

Though Isabel isn’t on TLC’s Little People, Big World, her husband Jacob was for years. Isabel has 110,000 followers on Instagram, and some of them are fans of the rest of the Roloff family as well. So, while she isn’t famous for being on LPBW, she’s a part of the Roloff  family and is easily recognized.

On Reddit, one fan revealed they had seen Isabel and Jacob out and about. They wrote:

“I just saw Jacob and Izzy at a restaurant in Bend, OR. Been on this sub for awhile but I never thought I would see them in person. Izzy looked mad the whole time. I think they noticed me trying to figure out if it was them lol.”

Isabel Roloff calls out the “creeper”

Shortly after the post was uploaded to Reddit, Isabel went on her Instagram stories to share her perspective. She called the whole situation “internet weirdness.”

In her story post, she wrote, “LOL this is so f*cking creepy. I looked ‘mad.’ It’s smokey, hot, I’m 6 months pregnant, and I have a creeper staring at me while I’m trying to just eat a meal with my man. The weirdest part is this person didn’t even try to be discreet while staring at me. I see you, weirdo.”

Shortly after Isabel uploaded this to her Instagram stories, she took it down. It’s possible she got some backlash for the way she worded her post.

Another thread was started on Reddit in response to Isabel’s story post. Some LPBW fans chatted about how she’s in the right here. Others think she came across as being rude. They think that she is trying to profit off of the Roloff name but doesn’t want to talk with fans.

One user writes, “If she really hated the attention her Instagram would be private. She has every right to feel what she’s feeling but posting it for all her followers to see is an icky move imo.”

So, what do you think of Isabel Roloff’s story about the creeper? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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