Jana Duggar Drops MAJOR Wedding Clue – Is It Happening Soon?

Former Counting On star Jana Duggar is hinting about her rumored wedding. The oldest Duggar daughter is thought to be in a relationship with Stephen Wissmann. So far, the Duggars aren’t making any official announcements. But fans and critics are always on the lookout for hints.

The past couple of Duggar weddings have seemingly popped up out of nowhere. The whole family has been keeping pretty quiet since Josh’s arrest, and some of the kids seem to want to spend less of their lives in the spotlight. For one, Jedidiah and Katey’s relationship wasn’t confirmed by the family until they tied the knot.

Over the past few months, it has seemed more and more likely that Jana and Stephen will tie the knot soon. Fans thought she was hiding her left hand, which would make sense if she was wearing an engagement ring. Plus, many wedding registries with Jana’s and Stephen’s names on them have surfaced. The pair was also spotted at a Fourth of July Festival together, and the source claims they didn’t look like they were just friends.

Now, Jana herself has uploaded a new video, showing that her rumored wedding could be happening very soon.

Jana Duggar Instagram, Stephen Wissmann Instagram

Jana Duggar debuts fresh hair amid wedding rumors.

In an Instagram Reel on Wednesday, Jana revealed that she’s totally transformed her look. She made a short video showing the entire process at the hair salon. She wrote, “Something new happened! ✨” In the video, the former TLC star shows off her fresh blonde balayage. The hairstylist also posted before and after photos of Jana.


It’s possible that Jana had her hair freshened up in anticipation of her wedding to Stephen. For now, it’s all speculation, so we don’t know whether she’s truly getting married this fall. But there are plenty of signs pointing that way. Her new hair color is only adding fuel the rumors.

There’s also a chance that Jana was inspired by a couple of her sisters, who recently transformed their hair too. On social media, both Jinger Vuolo and Joy-Anna Forsyth have unveiled their new looks in the past few weeks. Jinger ditched her blonde hair for a pretty brunette color and a short cut. Joy-Anna got blonde highlights for a natural-looking, sunkissed style.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Jana and Stephen will tie the knot in the near future. Fans and critics think it’s definitely possible, but nobody knows for sure yet.

So, do you think this is a hint that Jana Duggar’s wedding is coming up soon? Or do you think she just decided to do something different with her hair? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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