Jana Duggar Married? ‘Counting On’ Star Drops Clues She Tied The Knot

Wait, is Jana Duggar already a married woman? For the past year, she’s been rumored to be courting a man named Stephen Wissmann. Recent rumors say she’s even engaged and planning a fall wedding. But so far, the Duggar family hasn’t shared any details about their eldest daughter’s relationship status.

Some parts of the family’s lives are being overshadowed by Josh Duggar’s recent child pornography scandal. It seems that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are so focused on his scandal that they are even missing their children’s birthdays.

So, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the family is keeping quiet about Jana’s relationship too. We didn’t get an official confirmation of Jedidiah Duggar’s relationship with Katey Nakatsu until the pair tied the knot, though there were plenty of clues dropped along the way.

Though Jana hasn’t confirmed her relationship, a few recent hints seem to point toward her already being married.

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Jana Duggar might already be married

As we reported, Jana has recently had a bit of a transformation. The former Counting On star dyed her hair and started wearing pants, along with more fashionable clothing in general. She debuted her new look while in Las Vegas with her friend Laura DeMasie and brothers Jason and James. The group also went to Los Angeles to visit Jinger Vuolo.

When Jana showed off her new hair and clothing, fans freaked out. They are thrilled that the 31-year-old can finally wear pants, despite her parents’ strict rules. But it’s interesting that Jana would wear pants if she’s single. Typically, in the Duggar family, the girls are expected to wear skirts or dresses while at home. Then, when they get married, their husbands decide what they can and can’t wear.

After Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo and Jill and Derick Dillard tied the knot, both women started dressing less modestly than their parents may have liked them to. So, could this mean that Jana is married and Stephen is allowing her to wear pants, dye her hair, and ditch her parents’ other rules?

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We don’t know for sure whether Jana is already married. She might eventually talk about it and reveal whether she’s single, courting, or married. But for now, if she is in a serious relationship with Stephen, she’s enjoying some privacy.

So, do you think Jana Duggar could already be married and just hasn’t shared the news? Or do you think she’s even in a relationship with Stephen Wissmann as she’s rumored to be? Let us know in the comments below.

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