Jealous bloke who chopped off pal’s willy with an axe because it was bigger than his

Two day drinking benders rarely end well, but one hapless man bloke was left nursing more than just a hangover after a monster booze session – he had a gaping wound where his penis used to be.

According to reports the 47-year-old victim, from Bashkortostan, in the Urals region of Russia, had been boozing heavily with his 52-year-old buddy, a close friend since childhood.

Things apparently got heated when the pair drunkenly decided to have a penis-measuring contest.

Unhappy at losing, the older man took an axe to his so-called mate’s manhood, lopping it clean off. He was arrested and held by police.

The horrifying tale sent shockwaves around the world back in 2016.

A police spokesman said: “Over two days the men were binge drinking, which led to a violent argument.

“When words were exhausted, the attacker pulled out an axe and first struck the opponent on the head, then cut off his manhood.”

The attacker was alleged to have lost the penis contest (file photo)

The victim’s screams prompted neighbours to call the police, who discovered the grisly scene.

The older man woke up with more than just a sore head, too.

He was charged with inflicting a ‘grave injury’ on his friend, and faced up to eight years in jail if convicted.

We previously highlighted the crimes of Vladimir Nikolayev, who killed two pals then sold their meat to their unsuspecting pals, telling them it was kangaroo.

Nikolayev killed, chopped up, cooked and ate his victims.

The mern had been on a two day drinking binge
The mern had been on a two day drinking binge

Now 62, the remorseless killer cannibal has featured in several documentaries about life in the country’s toughest prison, a high-security jail dubbed Black Dolphin.

In one, he reminisces about how the first of two his killings happened after a drunken argument got out of hand.

And before he knew it, he was chopping off a man’s head and chowing down on a chunk of his thigh.

Recalling his shocking 1996 crime, Nikolayev says: “I was coming home from a party a little drunk and next to the door to my building another guy, also drunk asked me for a light.

“We started arguing and we got in to a fight. He hit me and I hit him, and it turned out he died.

“What was I to do? I dragged him to the bathroom, undressed him and started cutting him apart.”

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